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Summaries Index

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2012 - 2013



4th, first chat: How to build rapport and confidence in the ELT classroom SummaryTranscript

4th, second chat: Creating materials from scratch as course book complements, how to make them effective tasks Summary Transcript

11th, first chat: How to help students improve their speaking abilities for proficiency tests TranscriptSummary

11th, second chat: How can we best teach spelling? TranscriptSummary

18th, first chat How do you make sure your classes stay fresh & inspiring? What sources and influences outside of ELT do you use to find the subjects for your lessons? TranscriptSummary

18th, second chat: how to integrate dictionary work into lessons? TranscriptSummary

25th, first chat, What do we do when a lesson goes horribly wrong? How do you cope and recover? TranscriptSummary


6th, first chat: Is 1-2-1 teaching intrinsically better than in a group?  TranscriptSummary

6th, second chat: What web tools / sites are there that can benefit EAP (English for Academic Purposes) students and teachers? TranscriptSummary

13th, first chat: How can CPD be cost effective and not take up too much time? TranscriptSummary

13th, Second chat: How do you give feedback on writing?TranscriptSummary

20th First Chat: The Next Big Thing - what is it? Is ELT becoming a fad-driven profession? TranscriptSummary

20th Second Chat: What is the best way to approach cover lessons? Transcript Summary

27th First chat: What is, or should be, the role of drilling in the classroom? TranscriptSummary
27th Second chat: introverted Ss and how to deal with them TranscriptSummary


2nd, first chat: Practical ideas to introduce workshops on CPD to dinosaurs:-) What is important and how to go about setting up a programme. Transcript Summary

2nd, second chat: Job Interviews for ELT - tips for interviewers/ees - what to ask/do's & don'ts Transcript Summary

9th, first chat: Alternative approaches and techniques in ELT: How can a teacher research what works in their own context? Transcript Summary
9th, second chat:Is Globish and 'International English" or Standard English the answer? What variety should we teach? TranscriptSummary
16th, first chat: Do ELT publishers have too much influence and are they out of touch with reality? Do they lag behind the times? TranscriptSummary
16th, second chat: How to analyse and restage activities to make them more learner centred. TranscriptSummary
23rd No chats because of the ELTONS

30th First chat: How do/could you use a resource such as #eltpics? TranscriptSummary


30th Second chat: Is motivation enough to learn English effectively? What ways do you use to encourage motivated,but lazy students to really do work? Transcript Summary





4th, first chat: ‎How effective is Guided Discovery in the ELT classroom? Can it help promote learner autonomy? Transcript Summary

4th, second chat: How can a teacher deal with institutional directives, especially when those clash with their own values and beliefs about best education practices? Transcript Summary

11th, first chat: How can we introduce, implement, evaluate an extensive reading programme & convince admins of its value? Transcript Summary

11th, second chat: How the global recession is affecting/has affected the ELT profession  Transcript Summary

18th, first chat: What qualities make excellent teachers, students? Can you recognise a bad teacher after first five minutes spend with him/her? How do you find your way to your new students, especially if they are not too open to you? Transcript Summary

18th, second chat: Best practice for observing teachers Transcript Summary

25th, first chat: What’s in your essential teacher’s kit? Transcript Summary

25th, second chat: How can we combine face-to-face and online learning in blended courses? Transcript Summary


7th, first chat: Can a teacher personalise the classroom to take account of multiple intelligences? Transcript Summary

7th, second chat: What are the best apps to use with iPads/iPhones in the classroom? Transcript Summary

14th, first chat: How can we get the most from conferences, whether we attend or not? Transcript Summary

14th, second chat: Grammar teaching in the communicative language classroom Transcript Summary

21st - no chats due to #eltchat symposium at IATEFL Glasgow on the 22nd. Symposium Transcript

28th, first chat  Demand High Teaching How to Foster it and How Far we should go? Transcript Summary

28th, second chat How can you make the most of films/movies in and out of class? Transcript Summary


1st, first chat:  How to help students to remember and reuse functional language Transcript Summary

1st, second chat: How to get teenage learners to work together effectively in class Transcript

8th, first chat:  Differences in approaches between regular classes and those with an exam focus (FCE, CPE, IELTS…) Transcript Summary

8th, second chat: Critical Thinking in Teacher Development Transcript Summary

15th, second chat:  Why and How to Encourage Students' Critical Thinking Skills Transcript Summary

15th, second chat: Monitoring, Feedback and Debriefing: when and how to do it in class Transcript Summary

22nd, first chat: IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet): The theory and beyond Transcript Summary

22nd: second chat: The future of publishing in the ELT industry for teachers and students Transcript Summary

29th, first chat: Time management for teachers: how easy people find it to juggle the various demands of the job Transcript Summary

29th, second chat: If you could recommend one webtool for the classroom, what would it be and why? Transcript Summary


4th, first chat:  How can we focus language teaching more at discourse level rather than sentence level? Transcript Summary

4th, second chat: New Year's Resolutions: What are you going to continue/develop/refrain from doing in 2012? Transcript Summary

11th, first chat: How to help slow learners inside and outside the classroom Transcript Summary

11th, second chat: The what's, why's and how's of m-learning (mobile learning) Transcript Summary

18th, second chat: Your experience with needs analysis with adult learners in TEFL: the if's, why's and how's Transcript Summary

18th, second chat: The advantages and disadvantages of social networks for teachers Transcript Summary





7th, first chat: How much does taking part in webinars or workshops actually change ways of doing things in class? Transcript Summary

7th, second chat: Sexism in ELT: how do we raise awareness and combat it. Transcript

14th, first chat: Using corpora in our teaching: what is available and how can we best use it? Transcript Summary

14th, second chat: The ELT teacher's life cycle: where are you and where should you be? Transcript Summary


2nd, first chat: Using virtual learning environments for ELTTranscript

2nd, second chat: How to make the most out of your reading; how to synthesise and make use of it. Transcript Summary

9th, first chat: Reconciling dogme and an unplugged approach with situations where formal assessment plays a key roleTranscript Summary

9th, second chat: Using wikis in ELTTranscript Summary

16th, first chat: Teaching large classes. Transcript

16th, second chat: Teaching dyslexic studentsTranscript Summary

23rd, first chat: I wish I had known that when I started teachingTranscript Summary

23rd, second chat: Reflective practice: what, why and how? Transcript Summary

30th, first chat: How to deal with students who are about to failTranscript Summary

30th, second chat: How to improve speaking skills using critical thinking
without spoon feeding
Transcript Summary


5th, first chat: How to foster self-efficacy with studentsTranscriptSummary

5th, second chat: International cultural exchange resourcesTranscript Summary

12th, first chat: Detailed paper-based lesson planning: pros and consTranscript Summary

12th, second chat: How can you teach Business English with minimal experience of being in the business world? Transcript Summary

19th, first chat: How can we make writing assignments more stimulating for our students? Transcript Summary

19th, second chat: How to make our learners aware of learning strategies. Transcript Summary

26th, first chat: E-portfolios for students and teachers: how can we create them for students and teachers? Transcript Summary

26th, second chat: How useful is linguistic and pedagogical theory in practice (in the classroom)? Transcript


7th, first chat: How to recognise and make the most of teachable moments. Transcript Summary

7th, second chat: Placement tests: good examples and tipsTranscript Summary

14th, first chat: What makes a good online course? Transcript Summary

14th, second chat: Affective or Effective teachingTranscript Summary

21st, first chat: Reading aloud: useful or a waste of timeTranscript Summary

21st, second chat: How can we keep students engaged in receptive skills lessons? Transcript Summary

28th: ELTchat's first birthday: The birthday post, including a video of speeches in Second Life


3rd, first chat: Is Dogme possible for beginners? Transcript Summary

3rd, second chat: How will you follow up on RSCON3Transcript Summary

10th, first chat: Is a four-week CELTA/Trinity Certificate course enough time to prepare someone for a full-time teaching position? Transcript Summary

10th, second chat: The importance of active listening and how to do this in an EFL classroomTranscript Summary

17th, first chat: Can teachers be trained online at a pre-service levelTranscript Summary

24th, first chat: Are MAs in TESOL valuable or an overrated luxuryTranscript Summary

24th, second chat: How can web 2.0 tools help us build rapport with our students and foster their speaking skills? Transcript Summary

31st, first chat: How can we persuade students what is realistic for their level? Transcript Summary

31st, second chat: What can we call an effective piece of homework? Transcript Summary


6th, first chat: Ideas and methods that work best for one-to-one teachingTranscript

6th, second chat: The communicative approach: what it means and how to apply itTranscript Summary

13th, first chat: Best web 2.0 resources for ELT. Transcript

13th, second chat: Promoting critical thinkingTranscript Summary

20th, first chat: Teaching conversation and situational EnglishTranscript Summary

20th, second chat: Extensive reading: why and how? Transcript Summary

27th, first chat: Factors that may affect the use of technology on the part the EFL teacherTranscript Summary

27th, second chat: Tourist TEFLers v. Career TEFLers. Transcript Summary


1st, first chat: The effect of culture on language teaching and learningTranscript Summary

1st, second chat: How does your language learning impact on your teaching? Transcript Summary

8th, first chat: How to present new grammar points: different techniques, student engagement, key elementsTranscript Summary

8th, second chat: Creative and effective ways of bringing literature (storybooks, novels, poetry, etc) into the EFL classroom. Transcript Summary

15th, first chat: How can we teach lexical grammar, going beyond "single word" listsTranscript Summary

15th, second chat: How to keep learners' (especially young learners' and teens') English going during the summer breakTranscript Summary

22nd, first chat: The benefits of joining an international association such as IATEFL and TESOL. Transcript Summary

22nd, second chat: Project work in EFL classrooms (themes, strategies, resources). Transcript Summary

29th, first chat: Techniques and tips for teaching pronunciation and intonationTranscript Summary

29th, second chat: Mother tongue interference and strategies to deal with itTranscript


4th, first chat: What stops many adults from progressing beyond intermediate level? Transcript Summary

4th, second chat: How do you deal with low literacy adults (even in their L1)Transcript Summary

11th, first chat: How to avoid death by coursebooks? Suggestions and advice for teachers stuck in a very regimented situation who want to avoid becoming coursebook drones. Transcript Summary

11th, second chat: How to be a good online teacher? Transcript Summary

18th, first chat: What makes a good Director of Studies? Transcript Summary

18th, second chat: Storytelling in classTranscript Summary

25th, first chat: Is research important for ELT? Transcript Summary

25th, second chat: Do teachers benefit from evaluative observations? Transcript Summary


6th, first chat: ELF (English as a Lingua Franca) or EIL (as an International Language)Summary

6th, second chat: Conferences: spreading the loveSummary

13th, first chat: The role of controlled practice/restricted use activities in language teaching and ways of making them engaging  (transcript and Summary  for this chat unavailable - could not be found)

13th, second chat: Is CLIL the latest bandwagon and should we be wary of jumping on? Summary

20th: no chats due to IATEFL Conference

27th, first chat: Revisiting dogme: thoughts after IATEFL and the Dogme Symposium. Transcript Summary

27th, second chat: Non-native teachers of English and insecurities about teaching a language not their L1Transcript Summary


2nd, first chat: How do you approach teaching exam classes? Transcript Summary

2nd, second chat: How to recycle taught material with our learners. Transcript Summary

9th, first chat: How do we motivate teens to extend their speaking activities, so as to go beyond "I agree"/"I disagree"? Transcript Summary

9th, second chat: How can we best help burnt-out colleagues? How can we help them get their enthusiasm back and encourage sharing and support? Transcript Summary

16th, first chat: How do we cater for the needs of our learners in this digital age? Transcript Summary

16th, second chat: Student PLNs: how and whatTranscript

23rd, first chat: Is what you are teaching relevant to what your students need? Transcript Summary

23rd, second chat: How can we make observations less stressful and more a part of ongoing professional development? Transcript Summary

30th, first chat: How do you go about learner training? Teaching learners how to learn and how to be autonomous. Transcript

30th, second chat: How do you use mobile devices in the classroom? Tips, apps, best practiceTranscript Summary


2nd, first chat: Effective ways to minimize Teacher Talk Time and maximize Student Talk TimeTranscript Summay 1 Summary 2

2nd, second chat: How and when do you teach pronunciation? Summary

9th, first chat: How to train students to use technology appropriatelyTranscript Summary

9th, second chat: How do you teach writing? And how do you mark it? Transcript Summary

16th, first chat: How can we activate vocabulary and get our students to use it? Transcript Summary

16th, second chat: How do you approach teaching one-to-one? Share strategies, tips and techniquesTranscript Summary

23rd, first chat: How to deal with fossilized errors and help students improve their accuracyTranscript Summary

23rd, second chat: How do you deal with mixed ability classes? Transcript Summary


5th, first chat: What principles do you follow when preparing your own teaching materials? Transcript Summary

5th, second chat: How can we convince colleagues that online professional development is as valuable as face-to-face? Transcript Summary

12th, first chat: Can translation (and translation tools) facilitate language learning? How can it be used best? Transcript Summary

12th, second chat: Teaching English through songs: activities, resources and benefits of using songs for teaching. Transcript Summary 1 / Summary 2

19th, first chat: To test or not to test? And if we don't, what then? Transcript Summary

19th, second chat: Motivating teens to use English (and not L1) in classTranscript Summary

26th, first chat: The role and function of humour in the EFL class: from "Ha, ha!" to "Aha!" Transcript Summary

26th, second chat: Ways to develop learner autonomy: tips for learning outside class time. Transcript Summary



1st, first chat: English as a medium in teachingTranscript

8th, first chat: Developments in ELT in the coming yearTranscript

8th, second chat: Are there advantages to being a non-native-speaking teacherTranscript

15th, first chat: What soft skills does a teacher need? Transcript

15th, second chat: What other materials do you use to supplement coursebooks? Transcript

22nd, first chat: How can we overcome teacher burnout? Transcript

22nd, second chat: Should ESL teachers learn a second or foreign language? Can this help us to become better teachers? Transcript


10th, first chat: Are traditional approaches to ELT teaching bad? Transcript

10th, second chat: Can chat rooms and social media offer a benefit to learners? Transcript

24th, first chat: Do lessons need a focus? Transcript

24th, second chat: Effective games. Transcript


6th, first chat: Addressing taboo subjects in the ELT classroom. Transcript Summary

13th, first chat: Encouraging quiet students to participate in classTranscript

13th, second chat: Assessing oral improvement. Transcript

20th, second chat: Is dogme suitable in a school context or is it a niche product? Transcript

27th, first chat: Classroom disciplineTranscript


15th, first chat: How do we best motivate learners to practice outside the classroom? Transcript

15th, second chat: How much should intercultural competence play a role in teaching? Transcript

22nd, first chat: Can online language teaching replace classroom instruction? Transcript

29th, second chat: Critical thinking v. comprehension. Transcript




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