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Pronunciation and Dogme

Page history last edited by Shaun 9 years, 10 months ago

Pronunciation and Dogme 23.10.10


It was a great week for #ELTchat with an absolute flood of ideas, thought and view during both of the chat sessions.

We asked Richard, a new participant in ELTchat for his views on the pronunciation session and he obliged with some insightful comments and ideas.

Vicky Loras kindly took the time to review the session on Dogme, and Karenne Sylvester filled us in with some more background information on this much-debated subject and gave interested teachers a few pointers on how and where to learn more.if they want ot chat th

Our Blog post of the week highlighted CELTA – Schmelta from Cand’s Blog.  It’s certainly worth a read, and your comments there or on Twitter will add to the debate.

Our “Tool Tip of the Week was PhoTransEdit – a simple online tool for transcribing  normal text into phonemes which is a great time saver if you need this!  You can find out more here.

Happy listening!


Listen to the podcast here


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