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Top Tech for Teachers use (redirected from TopTechforTeachersuse)

Page history last edited by sue annan 7 months ago
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Shujaat_English 2019-09-04T17:56:14 Will be around after a break! #ELTchat
fionaljp 2019-09-04T18:04:56 Hello #ELTchat Nice to be back. Anyone around tonight?
SueAnnan 2019-09-04T18:06:51 Hi Fiona#eltchat
fionaljp 2019-09-04T18:07:18 @SueAnnan Hi Sue #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2019-09-04T18:07:46 @fionaljp Hi Fiona!! Good to be back on our familar track @SueAnnan mou as well hi!!! #ELTchat
fionaljp 2019-09-04T18:08:27 @Shujaat_English Good evening. Nice to see you but but don’t forget hashtag #ELTchat to make sure we can see you
SueAnnan 2019-09-04T18:08:54 My #ELTChat is happy to be back. Have missed you all
fionaljp 2019-09-04T18:08:55 @Marisa_C @SueAnnan Hi Marisa #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2019-09-04T18:08:58 @fionaljp @SueAnnan I am just now getting a wee bit of a break been going full blast all summer - how about you? #eltchat
JessBCN 2019-09-04T18:09:24 @fionaljp #eltchat Hi everybody. How was your summer holiday? (those of you who have just had one)
SueAnnan 2019-09-04T18:10:07 @Marisa_C @fionaljp Run off my feet and just about to go another round #eltchat , But I got a couple of weeks off in August to visit Ireland
fionaljp 2019-09-04T18:10:13 @Marisa_C @SueAnnan Me too! Finished a 19-week presessional last week #ELTchat Catching up on all the things I haven’t had time to do.
fionaljp 2019-09-04T18:10:52 @JessBCN Hi Jessica #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2019-09-04T18:11:21 @JessBCN @fionaljp Hi and Welcome!! @JessBCN great to see you - my summer was like many people's like a hotel in se… https://t.co/8GTTXIh265
SueAnnan 2019-09-04T18:12:37 I wonder if folks are back to work yet? #eltchat
Marisa_C 2019-09-04T18:12:44 My first #eltchat sitting on my balcony by the sea with a sweet summer breexe
JessBCN 2019-09-04T18:12:45 @Marisa_C @fionaljp #ELTchat  Summer is high season for teacher trainers!
Marisa_C 2019-09-04T18:13:03 @JessBCN @fionaljp Indeed! #ELTchat
fionaljp 2019-09-04T18:13:15 @JessBCN @Marisa_C True #ELTchat
fionaljp 2019-09-04T18:13:52 @Marisa_C Sounds lovely! #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2019-09-04T18:14:37 @ShellTerrell Hi Shelly mou. We have just started #eltchat
Marisa_C 2019-09-04T18:14:41 So what are your top three? I am having a hard time deciding - there are so many i love to use but perhaps we could… https://t.co/iNVGBgLVYW
fionaljp 2019-09-04T18:15:04 @SueAnnan They are in the UK and summer is a very busy time for language schools here #ELTchat
JessBCN 2019-09-04T18:15:47 @Marisa_C #ELTchat sweltering in Barcelona soup - could do with a sea breeze!
SueAnnan 2019-09-04T18:16:08 @Marisa_C For classroom use I like kahoot. #ELTChat I also like using YouTube and esllibrary
Marisa_C 2019-09-04T18:17:07 Where is @ShellTerrell can't see her - she would be welcome to moderate this one - just sooo much up her alley!!!! #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2019-09-04T18:17:49 @SueAnnan And how do you use them  @SueAnnan #ELTchat
JessBCN 2019-09-04T18:18:29 @fionaljp @SueAnnan Back to work yes. Not teaching until second week of October #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2019-09-04T18:18:37 @SueAnnan ESL Library materials ? #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2019-09-04T18:19:51 @fionaljp @SueAnnan Aoart from using it to organise etc the #CELTAchat what else do you do with padlet pls #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2019-09-04T18:19:56 @Marisa_C Kahoot I use to test vocab and grammar we have been working on. YouTube just for extra stuff to watch, a… https://t.co/x22EIkf0lu
fionaljp 2019-09-04T18:20:02 @Marisa_C @SueAnnan Padlet in so many ways: as a backchannel, to share answers,  links, for students to add links… #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2019-09-04T18:21:03 I use padlet for my trainees to put ideas on. #eltchat
Shujaat_English 2019-09-04T18:21:55 @fionaljp @Marisa_C @SueAnnan Padlet can also work as real time chat box/board for ss who can see each others’ comments and reply! #ELTChat
SueAnnan 2019-09-04T18:22:26 I use #ELTchat for my own CPD and for helping trainees from the summaries
JessBCN 2019-09-04T18:23:00 @Marisa_C #ELTchat Not strictly edtech but I’ve been using social media such as WhatsApp recently to encourage out-… https://t.co/7SBcwz98IT
Marisa_C 2019-09-04T18:23:06 Yes - I know but haven't tried that one yet - I will try it this fall with an intensive course #ELTchat https://t.co/C4mHZr2w5n
Marisa_C 2019-09-04T18:23:20 RT @JessBCN: @Marisa_C #ELTchat Not strictly edtech but I’ve been using social media such as WhatsApp recently to encourage out-of-class in…
SueAnnan 2019-09-04T18:24:37 Im just learning to get to grips with schoology #eltchat
fionaljp 2019-09-04T18:25:11 Oops, get too excited and forget hashtag! #ELTchat https://t.co/EAXBIXDJuS
CateTeaches 2019-09-04T18:25:47 First time #eltchat - er her. I’ve never heard of pallet but will definitely check it out.
Marisa_C 2019-09-04T18:25:59 For my training I love to use evernote when I observe - it can do so much and I can also take photos next to runnin… https://t.co/yzz4X0IaGL
CateTeaches 2019-09-04T18:26:27 I also use Quizlet for lexis review and to encourage learner autonomy #eltchat
JessBCN 2019-09-04T18:26:37 @Marisa_C #ELTchat so important in EFL context. Used tasks from ‘Interaction Online’ (Clandfield & Hadfield) but fa… https://t.co/gofsQJ22nV
Shujaat_English 2019-09-04T18:26:54 I will now need to retire but will browse through the posts later.  #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2019-09-04T18:27:14 @CateTeaches Hello and a warm welcome!!! It padlet #eltchat and I often upload a lesson or training session plus re… https://t.co/JSMnnn26e7
fionaljp 2019-09-04T18:28:02 @CateTeaches Hello and welcome to #ELTchat Yes, recommend Padlet. Here’s an introduction video: https://t.co/YlLDXnDkGD
SueAnnan 2019-09-04T18:28:13 @Marisa_C I remember your session on Evernote, but never really found it comfortable #eltchat
Marisa_C 2019-09-04T18:29:17 @SueAnnan It only works well on a tablet not so hot on the browser where u can use it to curate content found online #ELTchat
JessBCN 2019-09-04T18:29:23 #ELTchat Flying visit this evening. Will catch up with the chat later. Good to ‘see’ you all!
fionaljp 2019-09-04T18:29:28 @Shujaat_English Nice to see you again #ELTchat Bye for now
fionaljp 2019-09-04T18:30:52 @JessBCN Nice to see you #ELTchat Bye for now
Marisa_C 2019-09-04T18:31:46 @fionaljp @Shujaat_English so what's your number two Fiona #eltchat
fionaljp 2019-09-04T18:36:22 @Marisa_C @Shujaat_English Number 2  #ELTchat is a QR code generator - I love it - so useful for sharing links, dif… https://t.co/FiMCUKe4PB
SueAnnan 2019-09-04T18:37:21 @fionaljp @Marisa_C @Shujaat_English I've never used a QR code generator.  #ELTchat
fionaljp 2019-09-04T18:37:23 @CateTeaches Do you find students engage with it? #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2019-09-04T18:37:30 I find it very hard to name just three tools - I really love screencast software - I use screen-cast-o-matic - and… https://t.co/cl4S75DI0c
fionaljp 2019-09-04T18:38:14 @Marisa_C I’ve used Padlet for online chatting during observation but I’m going to try Slack next time as people rate it #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2019-09-04T18:38:21 @SueAnnan @fionaljp @Shujaat_English I rarely use it myself #eltchat
SueAnnan 2019-09-04T18:38:26 @Marisa_C I like snagit too for feedback #eltchat   and for teaching online, I love Zoom
SueAnnan 2019-09-04T18:39:02 @fionaljp @Marisa_C Iatefl teams all use slack these days #eltchat
Marisa_C 2019-09-04T18:39:17 @SueAnnan I havent' tried zoom because we have adobe connect pro but will give it a try as an alternative thanks for reminder #eltchat
CateTeaches 2019-09-04T18:40:21 @fionaljp Yes, definitely. There are several games which can be used as a warmup and review at the start of the les… https://t.co/y24aP0K85h
SueAnnan 2019-09-04T18:40:35 @Marisa_C I like the ease of use, and often record the sessions so students can see their progress or so teams dont… https://t.co/bBECaoJFkW
fionaljp 2019-09-04T18:41:24 @SueAnnan @Marisa_C Me too! Snag it is my Number 3. I upgraded from Jing ( Free)- indispensable for screen capture… https://t.co/0uVm4O9L7D
Marisa_C 2019-09-04T18:41:39 @SueAnnan I love adobe but the latest update has been creating some issues with my ppts and stuff and so i will try zoom #eltchat
fionaljp 2019-09-04T18:42:32 @Marisa_C It is hard to name three but my three are tools I have used for years - 3 favourites #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2019-09-04T18:42:55 @Marisa_C I here you. The last Microsoft update destroyed my computer and I had to buy a new baby one. #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2019-09-04T18:44:15 @fionaljp @Marisa_C Have you got the 2019 upgrade? its really good #eltchat
fionaljp 2019-09-04T18:46:14 @CateTeaches @Marisa_C @Shujaat_English Yes, they can access the code through the camera on their phones #ELTchat
fionaljp 2019-09-04T18:47:24 @SueAnnan @Marisa_C Yes, it seems a popular choice. I’m looking forward to trying it out #ELTchat
fionaljp 2019-09-04T18:49:12 @CateTeaches Great #ELTchat
fionaljp 2019-09-04T18:50:00 @SueAnnan @Marisa_C For Jing or Snag it? #ELTchat - but no I haven’t
fionaljp 2019-09-04T18:50:56 @SueAnnan @Marisa_C Will check it out #ELTchat
ELTExperiences 2019-09-04T18:52:03 I’ve been using Kahoot! A lot now for my class and getting them to review vocabulary from the week. The free version is brilliant. #ELTChat
ELTExperiences 2019-09-04T18:52:35 Apologies for the late return. Busy with haircuts, dinner, etc. #ELTChat
SueAnnan 2019-09-04T18:52:36 @ELTExperiences Yes. I really like it #eltchat
CateTeaches 2019-09-04T18:54:10 @ELTExperiences I really like it too, although I find it can be time consuming to make the quizzes #eltchat
fionaljp 2019-09-04T18:54:12 @ELTExperiences Hello #ELTchat How do you do that? Multiple choice definitions?
ELTExperiences 2019-09-04T18:54:57 So three tools that I use a lot in class are Kahoot, Quizlet and ClassDojo. They are great! #ELTChat
fionaljp 2019-09-04T18:55:05 @CateTeaches @ELTExperiences Indeed! #ELTchat
ELTExperiences 2019-09-04T18:55:43 @fionaljp Yeah and choosing the correct word in the gap. It’s great to review phrasal verbs and matching definition… https://t.co/koxJKbZkpw
SueAnnan 2019-09-04T18:56:06 I also like Apps4EFL #eltchat a set of apps made for students to practise in/outside the classroom #eltchat
ELTExperiences 2019-09-04T18:56:20 @fionaljp @CateTeaches You can get quicker besides you can also import quizzes from Excel. #eltchat
fionaljp 2019-09-04T18:56:27 @ELTExperiences Have you tried getting them to make quizzes? #ELTchat
ELTExperiences 2019-09-04T18:57:00 @fionaljp Oh. I haven’t. Now that’s a nice idea. #ELTchat
ELTExperiences 2019-09-04T18:58:21 Remind! is a great website to use for communication outside of class between students. https://t.co/kfEsDJQY9d #eltchat
CateTeaches 2019-09-04T18:58:32 @ELTExperiences @fionaljp definitely, and if you make quizzes that can be recycled for more than one class then it… https://t.co/F8AG76AvtY
ELTExperiences 2019-09-04T18:59:41 Sorry to have joined #ELTchat so late. Hopefully I can join again. Good night all.
Marisa_C 2019-09-04T18:59:45 @SueAnnan on a tablet? #eltchat
SueAnnan 2019-09-04T19:00:24 @Marisa_C it is multi platform #eltchat
ELTExperiences 2019-09-04T19:00:29 @SueAnnan It’s been such a long time. I hoped to have joined earlier but alas life is busy at the moment. #eltchat
CateTeaches 2019-09-04T19:01:29 #ELTchat okeydokey, I have to go. Thanks for all the new resources. Hopefully “see” you next week.
Marisa_C 2019-09-04T19:01:41 For my online teaching I like google docs - am thinking of G-classroom but use Schoology for my courses - and Edmod… https://t.co/6hGY4eTZrm
myles_klynhout 2019-09-04T19:02:30 @Marisa_C Hi #ELTchat, I'm late to the party after just finishing teaching online.  Just 3 apps... that's a tough one!
Marisa_C 2019-09-04T19:02:53 @SueAnnan will have a go thanks for sharing #eltchat
Marisa_C 2019-09-04T19:03:28 @myles_klynhout I know!!! what are your faves for online teaching? #eltchat
fionaljp 2019-09-04T19:03:30 @Marisa_C Yes. Google docs is something I’d like to use more - great to encourage collaboration #eltchat
SueAnnan 2019-09-04T19:05:18 @Marisa_C You will be a useful contact as I work my way round schoology. I want to use it for our EVO sessions #eltchat
myles_klynhout 2019-09-04T19:05:22 @JessBCN @Marisa_C Yep, I once set up a language exchange between teens in England and Spain. They were to get in t… https://t.co/lksYJPUS56
SueAnnan 2019-09-04T19:06:12 Time for the slow burn. Keep adding for the next 24 hours and I'll pick up the tweets. #eltchat
Marisa_C 2019-09-04T19:07:01 @SueAnnan Which EVO are you doing? #eltchat Miss working on those but not enough time any more!
Marisa_C 2019-09-04T19:08:05 You are right - #slowburn time will add a few more ideas later - time for dinner! #eltchat https://t.co/XxxA1WX4qF
myles_klynhout 2019-09-04T19:08:06 @JessBCN @Marisa_C This was also super beneficial as some began to correct each others messages in whatsapp. My lea… https://t.co/Gdj7dk1a2x
SueAnnan 2019-09-04T19:09:05 @Marisa_C Have you looked at Articulate for online courses? Im interested in seeing how it works #ELTChat
Marisa_C 2019-09-04T19:09:20 @myles_klynhout @JessBCN good lesson yes #eltchat I think textchat is the newspeak anyway :-) #eltchat
Marisa_C 2019-09-04T19:09:51 @myles_klynhout @JessBCN No - Cambridge moved the Onilne CELTA back into Moodle and it's a pain!!!! #eltchat
Marisa_C 2019-09-04T19:10:19 @SueAnnan Will have a look at articulate #eltchat
myles_klynhout 2019-09-04T19:10:38 @Marisa_C I taught through dedicated language platforms such as @verbling. But, there were too many bells & whistle… https://t.co/gDkdIhF5h0
HelenTeachesEng 2019-09-04T19:12:35 RT @Marisa_C: A reminder for #ELTchat followers of a recent blog post - how we started and how to join us. https://t.co/wwe3qTVw6b Stay tun…
fionaljp 2019-09-04T19:13:31 I have to go. Nice to #ELTchat again. Let’s see if we get more tech tools favourites in slow burn. Night
myles_klynhout 2019-09-04T19:15:46 @Marisa_C @JessBCN I did like one app called... speakeasy? It created genuine information gaps for students to solv… https://t.co/bB0n18ZYce
myles_klynhout 2019-09-04T19:21:15 @Marisa_C @JessBCN https://t.co/e4rY8x60aY Found it. #ELTchat
JessBCN 2019-09-04T19:28:57 @myles_klynhout @Marisa_C #ELTchat I think that was the UOC @jax_115
jax_115 2019-09-04T19:42:09 Yes, @JessBCN that sounds like the Tandem tool from SpeakApps!  @myles_klynhout @Marisa_C #ELTchat The SpeakApps p… https://t.co/qmN7ddC1zg
teach_vid 2019-09-04T19:50:41 Check out the NEW LIVE SESSION feature on TeachVid   https://t.co/oWMrlemLv9⏱️ #langchat #edtech… https://t.co/cL97qzhlWj
ambartosik 2019-09-04T22:46:18 @SueAnnan @Marisa_C Articulate Rise is easy to use, has accessibility features and there a free trial is available #ELTchat
eltplanning 2019-09-05T01:44:32 #eltchat good discussion on tech tools - @SueAnnan I’m trying to remember all those great tools mentioned on the co… https://t.co/jZ15zgbPNt
eltplanning 2019-09-05T01:48:23 #eltchat quizlet a bit too. I came across a really nice post from @DitchThatTxtbk on how to vary @quizlet Live, whi… https://t.co/xuHvJgcJZh
myles_klynhout 2019-09-05T05:57:13 @Marisa_C .@lingwalingwa has created a really useful @padlet of apps and tools for teaching online: https://t.co/KuRvgLet5b #ELTchat
myles_klynhout 2019-09-05T05:59:20 @Marisa_C @lingwalingwa @padlet .@lingwalingwa also coincidentally wrote a blog post on the topic last night:… https://t.co/jKj9QZh4vG
Marisa_C 2019-09-05T06:08:22 @eltplanning @SueAnnan @petesharma Pete has great suggestions on his courses but the Q here is what we, as practisi… https://t.co/CSqeUZn6EE
Marisa_C 2019-09-05T06:11:56 @myles_klynhout @lingwalingwa @padlet Thanks - I don't like to 'log in' just to read a post :-) #eltchat
Marisa_C 2019-09-05T06:13:23 @ShellTerrell Of course! But we are now in #slowburn mode and I have high hopes you might contribute your top three or five :-) #Eltchat
Marisa_C 2019-09-05T06:23:10 @ambartosik @SueAnnan Looking at it now #ELTchat
fionaljp 2019-09-05T07:52:51 Top Tools for Learning compiled by Jane Hart @C4LPT #ELTchat https://t.co/wFKlkJFA8v
myles_klynhout 2019-09-05T08:59:08 @mklocham @Marisa_C @JessBCN How have we never spoken about this @mklocham! For me, it's one of the most pedagogica… https://t.co/bZ0Xetbetz
jonjoTESOL 2019-09-05T15:48:50 I'm a digital guy but I'm so digitally il literature when it comes to my teaching! Perhaps because most of my T exp… https://t.co/z1gGE3lzI6
jonjoTESOL 2019-09-05T17:15:07 @fionaljp @Marisa_C @Shujaat_English Yes I've been meaning to create questions around my school with answers on a QR code! #eltchat
jonjoTESOL 2019-09-05T17:17:27 A lot of tech revolving around making quizzes it seems. What kind of quiz questions do you make? Gap fill? Sentence… https://t.co/ZpqbQXrmHa
jonjoTESOL 2019-09-05T17:20:41 @fionaljp @Marisa_C Do you need computers and tablets for this or do you think phones can suffice? If they bring th… https://t.co/uZ1pMMnVsx
jonjoTESOL 2019-09-05T17:26:28 @CateTeaches @ELTExperiences @fionaljp Yessss to reusable self made materials! #eltchat https://t.co/gzJdQS4XtU
jonjoTESOL 2019-09-05T17:32:02 @ThatGirlOnDiet Oh nice. I wonder if a quiz format lends itself well to a dictogloss. #eltchat
Marisa_C 2019-09-05T20:14:28 @myles_klynhout @lingwalingwa @padlet At no point in fact #eltchat :-)
jonjoTESOL 2019-09-05T20:20:32 #eltchat @GioLic1976 https://t.co/QUS84RSS2A


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