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CPD wishlist

Page history last edited by sue annan 1 year, 6 months ago
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fionaljp 2019-06-05T18:02:24 Hello #ELTchat Is anyone around?
jonjoTESOL 2019-06-05T18:03:20 Hello #ELTchat, this week is Eid so no work or #slowburn for me. I'm in a cafe with a lovely double espresso. How'r… https://t.co/9KePEV0uDq
jonjoTESOL 2019-06-05T18:03:24 @fionaljp Hello Fiona! #eltchat
SueAnnan 2019-06-05T18:03:42 Hi I'm here #ELTchat
MoreMsJackson 2019-06-05T18:04:40 @fionaljp I'm here for a bit #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2019-06-05T18:04:42 if you were going to work on your CPD, what would you like to discuss, or listen to ? #ELTChat
fionaljp 2019-06-05T18:05:35 @jonjoTESOL Hi Jonjo #ELTchat Thanks for the summary!
MoreMsJackson 2019-06-05T18:05:44 @fionaljp Are we talking self-directed CPD or programmes in our workplaces? #ELTchat
EWorld2019 2019-06-05T18:06:02 @SueAnnan Hello Sue & Jonjo, how are you? #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2019-06-05T18:06:11 I think I'd like some tips on teaching teens, especially for teachers who normally work with adults #ELTChat
MoreMsJackson 2019-06-05T18:06:58 @SueAnnan And how do you decide what areas to work on? #ELTchat
fionaljp 2019-06-05T18:07:12 @MoreMsJackson Good point #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2019-06-05T18:07:24 @MoreMsJackson @fionaljp Probably more in the workplace, but as we know the one size doesn't fit everyone. Self di… https://t.co/fDc88iQyEi
fionaljp 2019-06-05T18:08:08 @MoreMsJackson Are we talking generally? @SueAnnan #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2019-06-05T18:08:37 @MoreMsJackson If you can have a hand in the planning it would be better than having CPD enforced. So you could, os… https://t.co/hi7iHOcSLs
jonjoTESOL 2019-06-05T18:08:44 @SueAnnan I'd love to have a task-based approach to our teaching. We were given a scenario and a set of hypothetica… https://t.co/f5TgbxHIfy
SueAnnan 2019-06-05T18:09:14 @jonjoTESOL That sounds like a really practical thing to look at #ELTchat
jonjoTESOL 2019-06-05T18:09:38 @fionaljp My pleasure, I love writing! Sorry it's a month overdue. Ramadan had us working from 8pm to 3am which rea… https://t.co/1c5gP0c3IO
jonjoTESOL 2019-06-05T18:10:02 @EWorld2019 @SueAnnan Good, thanks! #eltchat you? I'm hungry and I might treat myself to a pizza after this chat
fionaljp 2019-06-05T18:10:39 @SueAnnan @MoreMsJackson Key issue #ELTchat Teachers need to be consulted  and needs considered for workplace CPD to be effective
SueAnnan 2019-06-05T18:10:53 I think I would include ways to use technology more efficiently for some of my colleagues #ELTchat
jonjoTESOL 2019-06-05T18:11:29 If you had to choose between more planning hours or more CPD hours, what would you choose? #eltchat
SueAnnan 2019-06-05T18:11:41 @fionaljp @MoreMsJackson I'm 100% with you on that. Some of our CPD is like p*ssing into the wind, or same old same old #ELTchat
fionaljp 2019-06-05T18:11:46 @jonjoTESOL No worries and well done! #ELTchat
MoreMsJackson 2019-06-05T18:12:17 RT @fionaljp: @SueAnnan @MoreMsJackson Key issue #ELTchat Teachers need to be consulted  and needs considered for workplace CPD to be effec…
jonjoTESOL 2019-06-05T18:12:31 @fionaljp @SueAnnan @MoreMsJackson I think sometimes management might give Ts opportunities for CPD without asking… https://t.co/amYNRcHRHq
SueAnnan 2019-06-05T18:12:48 @jonjoTESOL I like CPD if it hits the spot, but planning is also important. Mmm, difficult choice #ELTchat
MoreMsJackson 2019-06-05T18:13:20 Great question #ELTchat https://t.co/2xrrFfr7Rm
SueAnnan 2019-06-05T18:13:28 @jonjoTESOL @fionaljp @MoreMsJackson Is that because the CPD eats into their time? #ELTchat
jonjoTESOL 2019-06-05T18:14:11 @SueAnnan I agree you with that CPD can be hit or miss. #ELTchat I attended a webinar by these 2 women. I swear a t… https://t.co/PDmhcYzU1W
SueAnnan 2019-06-05T18:15:26 @jonjoTESOL I think webinars are different. You can decide to switch off if you don't feel that it is useful… https://t.co/ZZN1EDXWYy
jonjoTESOL 2019-06-05T18:15:31 @SueAnnan @fionaljp @MoreMsJackson Maybe so - I think sometimes they don't see the value (rightly or wrongly so). P… https://t.co/rA7MtNbLD9
jonjoTESOL 2019-06-05T18:16:31 As accessible as they are, I find webinars usually miss the mark with me. Lack of engagement or too long winded? I… https://t.co/PNCYvgaxw2
SueAnnan 2019-06-05T18:16:50 @jonjoTESOL @fionaljp @MoreMsJackson We have more problems with the women teachers who always have more important t… https://t.co/M3RefVu4rO
SueAnnan 2019-06-05T18:18:21 @jonjoTESOL IATEFL BESIG has a full day symposium coming up. Each country BE group has 30 mins to discuss their sit… https://t.co/hrhtMIAX7M
fionaljp 2019-06-05T18:18:58 @jonjoTESOL @SueAnnan @MoreMsJackson Exactly they don't see the value’ #ELTchat probably because they haven’t been… https://t.co/AV2Vfwt9jZ
SueAnnan 2019-06-05T18:20:00 Have you ever watched webinars together as part of a CPD programme? There are a few good ones out there, but it is… https://t.co/b00g1W2YoZ
jonjoTESOL 2019-06-05T18:20:15 @SueAnnan @fionaljp @MoreMsJackson I'm not sure about your part of the world, but I know some teachers just want ££… https://t.co/Uo76bjuzkR
SueAnnan 2019-06-05T18:20:57 @jonjoTESOL @fionaljp @MoreMsJackson :-( #ELTchat
MoreMsJackson 2019-06-05T18:21:07 @jonjoTESOL Yes, webinars are so often long winded. They can be interesting but no so useful. #ELTchat
fionaljp 2019-06-05T18:21:11 @SueAnnan Unless a live webinar and you can interact #ELTchat
jonjoTESOL 2019-06-05T18:21:37 @SueAnnan I've never heard of this. Sit with your colleagues, watch it, discuss it in person after? Why do you think it's static? #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2019-06-05T18:22:05 @fionaljp That sounds more like a workshop to me. But I agree. IF you are just watching, it can be deadly #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2019-06-05T18:22:58 @jonjoTESOL Because the colleagues don't want to discuss it. They want to go home #ELTchat
fionaljp 2019-06-05T18:23:17 @jonjoTESOL @SueAnnan @MoreMsJackson I think there would be more chance or they might be more willing if they were… https://t.co/CUq6a7uctA
jonjoTESOL 2019-06-05T18:23:47 @SueAnnan @fionaljp And then the phones and social media come out because they got bored.. #ELTchat
EWorld2019 2019-06-05T18:24:01 @jonjoTESOL @SueAnnan @fionaljp @MoreMsJackson Do you see a difference in terms of motivation when CPD is done in t… https://t.co/E6yikM0QZJ
SueAnnan 2019-06-05T18:25:18 @EWorld2019 @jonjoTESOL @fionaljp @MoreMsJackson I think the live events have more currency with my colleagues. #ELTchat
fionaljp 2019-06-05T18:26:21 @jonjoTESOL @SueAnnan Well, technology does provide an opportunity for personalised for CPD of course - self-directed #ELTchat
MoreMsJackson 2019-06-05T18:26:28 @fionaljp @jonjoTESOL @SueAnnan You have to ask the right questions, though. Not everyone knows what CPD they want… https://t.co/Yir3J4lgh4
jonjoTESOL 2019-06-05T18:27:16 @fionaljp @SueAnnan @MoreMsJackson Yes, definitely. #eltchat However, some Ts don't see teaching as permanent. They… https://t.co/G14QGq9RCK
fionaljp 2019-06-05T18:27:31 @MoreMsJackson @jonjoTESOL @SueAnnan Yes, very true #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2019-06-05T18:27:41 @MoreMsJackson @fionaljp @jonjoTESOL Yes. We did that this time around. We ended up with 10 topics and told teacher… https://t.co/rWpDKjdAPJ
jonjoTESOL 2019-06-05T18:28:46 @EWorld2019 @SueAnnan @fionaljp @MoreMsJackson Good question - I think in-person training always wins. I'm guilty o… https://t.co/jVhsGGBjOY
fionaljp 2019-06-05T18:29:42 @jonjoTESOL @SueAnnan @MoreMsJackson Do you think workplace CPD should be voluntary for those who do want to develop? #ELTchat
MoreMsJackson 2019-06-05T18:29:44 @SueAnnan @fionaljp @jonjoTESOL All about the choice. Choosing the topics, choosing which to engage with, choosing… https://t.co/k7PjcJjcOi
MoreMsJackson 2019-06-05T18:30:34 @fionaljp @jonjoTESOL @SueAnnan Some of it, but not all of it #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2019-06-05T18:31:01 @fionaljp @jonjoTESOL @MoreMsJackson voluntary-ishI think it is a British Council requirement to offer CPD and exp… https://t.co/uD7bPleiZC
jonjoTESOL 2019-06-05T18:31:37 @fionaljp @SueAnnan @MoreMsJackson No, for me, just the opposite! But, like teaching, training needs to be 'learner… https://t.co/PB5NiBDv6c
MoreMsJackson 2019-06-05T18:31:58 @jonjoTESOL @EWorld2019 @SueAnnan @fionaljp Training and teaching are similar but different skills. I've mentored a… https://t.co/QZj29Al4EK
fionaljp 2019-06-05T18:32:06 @MoreMsJackson @jonjoTESOL @SueAnnan How would you differentiate? #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2019-06-05T18:32:16 @jonjoTESOL @fionaljp @MoreMsJackson I like CPD with takeaways I can try out in the classroom #ELTchat
fionaljp 2019-06-05T18:33:19 @SueAnnan @jonjoTESOL @MoreMsJackson This is ideal CPD as relevant to teaching context #ELTchat
jonjoTESOL 2019-06-05T18:33:20 @SueAnnan @MoreMsJackson @fionaljp I like it. We all want student centered learning, what about trainee centered tr… https://t.co/wgzRVjvyjS
MoreMsJackson 2019-06-05T18:35:25 @fionaljp @jonjoTESOL @SueAnnan There are different ways - set a minimum, set a core CPD programme, or core session… https://t.co/039mpZiUPC
jonjoTESOL 2019-06-05T18:35:50 Have any of you had a teacher go to a conference and then effectively repeat the conference when they got back to y… https://t.co/XBBvorY3nD
SueAnnan 2019-06-05T18:35:56 I ended up doing a CPD session off the cuff when our visiting speaker did her back in just before coming to us. The… https://t.co/2xb266DTyn
SueAnnan 2019-06-05T18:37:03 @jonjoTESOL I hate that. You feel obliged to go to sessions to benefit the others, rather than your own preferences… https://t.co/F9gLc9pi77
fionaljp 2019-06-05T18:37:37 I think it’s a good idea to encourage teachers to share things that have worked well in the classroom with colleagu… https://t.co/Tjlxr2GmJt
jonjoTESOL 2019-06-05T18:38:04 @SueAnnan Brings a new meaning to sing for your supper #eltchat :-)
SueAnnan 2019-06-05T18:38:44 @fionaljp a swap shop of ideas would be a good, valuable, use of the time #ELTChat Great Idea#ELTchat
jonjoTESOL 2019-06-05T18:39:02 @SueAnnan I agree - some sessions I went to this year were about issues/philosophy in the ELT world. Not very relev… https://t.co/aH1xAbxRjA
SueAnnan 2019-06-05T18:39:46 @jonjoTESOL Luckily I knew what I knew :-) But our new manager was also there so it was a bit of a strain at first #ELTchat
fionaljp 2019-06-05T18:39:52 Shall we discuss possible CPD topics? #ELTchat Sue mentioned using technology more effectively in the classroom
SueAnnan 2019-06-05T18:40:20 and teaching teens #ELTchat
jonjoTESOL 2019-06-05T18:41:51 @fionaljp How easy is it for teachers to overly agree with each other with fear of being critical? You don't want t… https://t.co/axebP8Q77i
EWorld2019 2019-06-05T18:42:07 @jonjoTESOL @SueAnnan are we talking about CPD accredited courses or just informal sessions? #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2019-06-05T18:42:23 @EWorld2019 @jonjoTESOL Both #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2019-06-05T18:43:02 @EWorld2019 @jonjoTESOL Or just teachers with experience helping each other to grow #ELTchat
fionaljp 2019-06-05T18:44:41 @jonjoTESOL Not sure I know what you mean. If something works well for you in the classroom it’s a nice idea to share isn’t it? #ELTchat
jonjoTESOL 2019-06-05T18:44:43 CPD wise - I'd love more constructive feedback on my teaching practice. Difficult to set up, I know. I need more pr… https://t.co/4mJLEXawTi
SueAnnan 2019-06-05T18:45:35 WE get one visiting speaker per year and the rest is down to the teachers themselves. Sometimes familiarity can bre… https://t.co/lpHUz92XHL
EWorld2019 2019-06-05T18:47:07 @SueAnnan @jonjoTESOL thank you for the clarification #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2019-06-05T18:47:49 @jonjoTESOL could you video yourself and share it for comments? we could do the same and it might help #ELTchat
fionaljp 2019-06-05T18:48:10 @jonjoTESOL Not really. Focused observation might help. Both being observed and observing others in that specific a… https://t.co/5iqLQO9gYS
jonjoTESOL 2019-06-05T18:48:28 @fionaljp I think it's difficult for a T to assess whether something is both fun/positive and educational in the lo… https://t.co/kluo3tcbfM
SueAnnan 2019-06-05T18:48:31 @fionaljp @jonjoTESOL LOL #ELTchat
fionaljp 2019-06-05T18:49:27 @jonjoTESOL Oh dear! #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2019-06-05T18:50:09 @jonjoTESOL @fionaljp I always finished a class by asking for 3 things they learned that they didn't know before, t… https://t.co/fhvQ8hrFSu
jonjoTESOL 2019-06-05T18:50:23 @SueAnnan Scary but doable! #eltchat you're calling my bluff now :-D
SueAnnan 2019-06-05T18:51:05 @jonjoTESOL We could keep it reasonably secret if it makes you feel better  #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2019-06-05T18:52:58 We are only a few minutes away from starting the slowburn mode. Would anyone like to write up this summary? #ELTchat
jonjoTESOL 2019-06-05T18:53:11 @SueAnnan @fionaljp Yes, I like that idea. Quality CCQs and forming an atmosphere of growing, mistakes, and not kno… https://t.co/US8NMxgcEG
SueAnnan 2019-06-05T18:55:08 @jonjoTESOL @fionaljp I do it regularly. You need to leave 5-6 minutes towards the end of the lesson, but it is valuable time #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2019-06-05T18:56:35 An interesting chat tonight. Thanks everyone for the comments.This is CPD at its best for all of us.#ELTchat
fionaljp 2019-06-05T18:58:03 @SueAnnan @jonjoTESOL I meant not really difficult to set up feedback on teaching #ELTchat
jonjoTESOL 2019-06-05T18:59:00 @fionaljp @SueAnnan oh, phew. #eltchat :-)
SueAnnan 2019-06-05T19:00:04 Well, I'm off to have dinner and plan my lessons for tomorrow. It has been, as always, a pleasure to share the hour… https://t.co/lH0CPdmnAS
fionaljp 2019-06-05T19:06:26 @SueAnnan Yes, and maybe we can have more CPD topic ideas in the slowburn #ELTchat Thanks & bye for now
EWorld2019 2019-06-05T19:07:46 @SueAnnan Thank you for sharing your ideas on the topic, always an enjoyable learning experience for me as a trainee  #ELTchat


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