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Dealing with Adult Students Attendance

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teacherphili 2019-03-06T12:11:08 Another relevant #ELTchat topic for me at the moment. Poor attendance by adult learners - how to handle, what to do… https://t.co/D8weolL15Y
Marisa_C 2019-03-06T18:28:59 Do you have attendance issues with your adult classes? #ELTchat will be talking about this tonight - @fionaljp is o… https://t.co/1lZ884nEl3
fionaljp 2019-03-06T19:04:39 @jonjoTESOL Hello Jonjo #ELTchat Good evening!
Marisa_C 2019-03-06T19:05:42 @jonjoTESOL @fionaljp Hi Jonjo and Fiona - will remain in the background as I am pushed with a writing deadline :-)… https://t.co/vrLQDvBmCR
fionaljp 2019-03-06T19:06:13 @Michael37093679 Ok, but let’s maintain focus - the #ELTchat topic tonight is about adult attendance issues
fionaljp 2019-03-06T19:08:04 Any others joining us tonight? #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2019-03-06T19:10:01 We have mostly refugee classes at my school #ELTchat - paying students usually try not to miss out on their classes… https://t.co/xNDN40kiqY
PhilipMErasmus 2019-03-06T19:11:18 Good evening everyone! #ELTchat
fionaljp 2019-03-06T19:11:53 @Michael37093679 No worries. See my previous tweet: using tech appropriately to enhance learning can certainly help… https://t.co/EgKvzxuyMo
fionaljp 2019-03-06T19:12:46 @PhilipMErasmus Good evening Philip. Nice to see you #eltchat
PhilipMErasmus 2019-03-06T19:12:49 @Marisa_C #ELTchat And also often a problem with corporate English online classes paid for by the company. Not so m… https://t.co/ND4lfRngjv
Marisa_C 2019-03-06T19:12:57 @PhilipMErasmus Welcome @PhilipMErasmus - do u have issues with absenteeism? #Eltchat
Marisa_C 2019-03-06T19:14:18 @PhilipMErasmus Hmm yes i see - not all motivated to join classes at the end of a long day!!! Which is why I often… https://t.co/x9oeZ0mrq1
PhilipMErasmus 2019-03-06T19:14:39 @fionaljp Lovely to be here, but a bit embarrased as I still owe #ELTchat a summary on the first session of the year...
Marisa_C 2019-03-06T19:15:09 @PhilipMErasmus @fionaljp Yikes I don't know how you dare show ur face around these parts then!!! #eltchat
fionaljp 2019-03-06T19:15:31 @Marisa_C @PhilipMErasmus Needs analysis vital to provide on relevant topics and focus #eltchat
PhilipMErasmus 2019-03-06T19:17:19 @Marisa_C @fionaljp I can always do the summary now instead of chatting on #ELTchat...
MoreMsJackson 2019-03-06T19:18:42 Sometimes life just gets in the way though. What do you do to help your students catch up from missed lessons? #ELTchat
fionaljp 2019-03-06T19:20:18 @MoreMsJackson How about encouraging students to create social media groups? #eltchat
adi_rajan 2019-03-06T19:20:52 @PhilipMErasmus @Marisa_C My problem with corporate courses has always been punctuality, not attendance. #Eltchat
PhilipMErasmus 2019-03-06T19:22:09 @adi_rajan @Marisa_C Yes, a common issue...online or f2f?#ELTchat
ClareBurke_ELT 2019-03-06T19:22:15 @MoreMsJackson My first slide of a lesson is the last slide of the previous lesson. Sentence stems to promote refle… https://t.co/aUQcgKzqF2
fionaljp 2019-03-06T19:22:43 @adi_rajan @PhilipMErasmus @Marisa_C Personally, I am quite tolerant re punctuality if plausible reasons - of cours… https://t.co/xTEhHLHvic
adi_rajan 2019-03-06T19:23:40 @PhilipMErasmus @Marisa_C Both. Online is really annoying though #ELTchat
jonjoTESOL 2019-03-06T19:24:20 @fionaljp @PhilipMErasmus @Marisa_C I find though that as time goes on, excuses/genuine reasons for not attending i… https://t.co/HHF3zIN8uS
Marisa_C 2019-03-06T19:25:17 @ClareBurke_ELT @MoreMsJackson nice idea to get them to peer teach so to speak #eltchat
MoreMsJackson 2019-03-06T19:25:20 @jonjoTESOL @Marisa_C Yes, the more flexible school policies are, the worse the attendance usually! #ELTchat
adi_rajan 2019-03-06T19:25:34 @ClareBurke_ELT @MoreMsJackson Most of my courses have a Wiki or an Edmodo group and there’s usually something up t… https://t.co/9bYbY4224C
fionaljp 2019-03-06T19:25:41 @jonjoTESOL @Marisa_C @MoreMsJackson also mentioned this - suggested encouraging sts to create social media groups… https://t.co/H5sxFDbbYI
PhilipMErasmus 2019-03-06T19:25:44 And where do we draw the line? Where does our responsibility end and theirs start? #ELTchat
jonjoTESOL 2019-03-06T19:26:37 @adi_rajan @PhilipMErasmus @Marisa_C A good point. Here in the middle east, 6pm doesn't mean 6pm always. However, I… https://t.co/R4GTnEnT4L
Marisa_C 2019-03-06T19:26:59 Mine too #eltchat the edmodo or schoology platforms are also good for assignment work https://t.co/B1KIOv0ZSD
MoreMsJackson 2019-03-06T19:27:44 @jonjoTESOL @fionaljp Students could just make mini groups with just their 'friends' from the class #ELTchat
jonjoTESOL 2019-03-06T19:28:15 @MoreMsJackson @Marisa_C Difficult for schools that try to appeal to the person as both a student and customer. 'Go… https://t.co/E1rvGNWOzS
PhilipMErasmus 2019-03-06T19:28:45 @jonjoTESOL @adi_rajan @Marisa_C That must really mess with your planning when you cannot always now what time a class will start! #ELTchat
Ven_VVE 2019-03-06T19:29:09 Thinking of you guys #ELTchat @rapple18 & me doing CPD in Zagreb. #moodle https://t.co/NMtgy1NL9m
MoreMsJackson 2019-03-06T19:29:12 @fionaljp @jonjoTESOL All it takes is one bad egg. We had an adult post inappropriate stuff on edmodo once. #ELTchat
jonjoTESOL 2019-03-06T19:29:18 @fionaljp @MoreMsJackson Yes. It might be a cultural thing here in the middle east where they have a different pers… https://t.co/GRvntFyy0T
jonjoTESOL 2019-03-06T19:30:13 @MoreMsJackson @fionaljp I'm sure/hope they do - and I would privately encourage this if the need arose :-) #eltchat
Marisa_C 2019-03-06T19:30:27 Hya! Long time no see ! #eltchat have fun! https://t.co/BxzacgVgSu
MoreMsJackson 2019-03-06T19:30:40 @jonjoTESOL This sounds all too familiar #ELTchat
jonjoTESOL 2019-03-06T19:30:42 @Ven_VVE @rapple18 How much "CPD" have you drank so far tonight? #eltchat :-)
Marisa_C 2019-03-06T19:31:28 I think may be a Whatsapp chat group with lesson updates or sth similar might be better #eltchat
fionaljp 2019-03-06T19:31:36 @MoreMsJackson @jonjoTESOL I see. What a pity. #ELTchat Edmodo can be filtered /moderated though
jonjoTESOL 2019-03-06T19:31:41 @PhilipMErasmus @adi_rajan @Marisa_C I start at the correct time, if the S comes late, they have to catch up themse… https://t.co/BE4yzZX02f
Marisa_C 2019-03-06T19:32:49 @jonjoTESOL @PhilipMErasmus @adi_rajan no u re right - starting on time is the best way - why shd ppl who came on t… https://t.co/jRMFFXyDeT
jonjoTESOL 2019-03-06T19:33:00 @fionaljp @MoreMsJackson I've never moderated a class group before but I imagine it can be a nightmare. Too little… https://t.co/VTLdrTdqkx
MoreMsJackson 2019-03-06T19:33:21 @adi_rajan @fionaljp @jonjoTESOL I think the more intensive the course, the more useful a group chat can be. Specul… https://t.co/zokgtWoJgx
fionaljp 2019-03-06T19:33:46 @jonjoTESOL @MoreMsJackson I see. #ELTchat Obviously important to respect policy and cultural issues
Marisa_C 2019-03-06T19:34:10 @ClareBurke_ELT @adi_rajan @MoreMsJackson and? I use it with YL course trainees cos it has a younger feel - with bi… https://t.co/20dlULWjvw
jonjoTESOL 2019-03-06T19:34:12 @adi_rajan @fionaljp @MoreMsJackson Would anybody here consider giving extra light homework over WhatsApp/social me… https://t.co/PBMJimGJGn
MoreMsJackson 2019-03-06T19:34:44 @fionaljp @jonjoTESOL Yes, it was caught quite soon luckily. Moderating is necessary. #ELTchat
ClareBurke_ELT 2019-03-06T19:34:52 @Marisa_C @MoreMsJackson Yes, establishes a routine, learner responsibility and expectations too. #ELTchat
PhilipMErasmus 2019-03-06T19:35:32 @adi_rajan @fionaljp @jonjoTESOL @MoreMsJackson #ELTchat Even the active involvement in such social media groups fo… https://t.co/0IeS5NEuUL
MoreMsJackson 2019-03-06T19:35:40 @jonjoTESOL @adi_rajan @fionaljp What do you mean by "extra light homework"? Links to things? #ELTchat
fionaljp 2019-03-06T19:35:46 @jonjoTESOL @adi_rajan @MoreMsJackson No. I encourage learners to use social media platforms but distance myself as  a teacher #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2019-03-06T19:35:51 @jonjoTESOL @adi_rajan @fionaljp @MoreMsJackson Try giving them collaborative HW or some research task for which th… https://t.co/eLGkQKxzDj
Shujaat_English 2019-03-06T19:36:11 I establish certain attendance routines Ss sign in in an attendance sheetm,which I remove after an agreed time #ELTchat
MoreMsJackson 2019-03-06T19:37:17 @jonjoTESOL @ClareBurke_ELT @adi_rajan Yes, keeping things in one place is generally best #ELTchat
jonjoTESOL 2019-03-06T19:37:20 Getting back to adult attendance - what strategies have you used that might have improved attendance? The only one… https://t.co/DQjJPx0H9e
adi_rajan 2019-03-06T19:38:09 @Marisa_C @ClareBurke_ELT @MoreMsJackson I haven’t ever used schoology. I’ll check it out #ELTchat
fionaljp 2019-03-06T19:38:11 @Shujaat_English Difficult with adult learners though. I really think the focus need to be more on class content to… https://t.co/HlWWkZ4Pi5
jonjoTESOL 2019-03-06T19:39:38 @MoreMsJackson @adi_rajan @fionaljp You've called my bluff - I don't really know :-) Perhaps they can respond to a… https://t.co/TNTUYMshbg
fionaljp 2019-03-06T19:39:40 @adi_rajan @jonjoTESOL @MoreMsJackson Nice! Gaining respect is a great way to encourage attendance #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2019-03-06T19:40:05 @fionaljp @Shujaat_English Agree - perhaps poll a number of topics and choose one suggested by each student #eltchat repeat process
PhilipMErasmus 2019-03-06T19:40:40 @fionaljp @Shujaat_English I think this is v much a cultural issue and depends on the cultural background of the class #ELTchat
jonjoTESOL 2019-03-06T19:41:44 @fionaljp @adi_rajan @MoreMsJackson By 'distance' are you still in the groups/convos? I remember on day 1 of my MA,… https://t.co/2mFUVMElZs
Marisa_C 2019-03-06T19:43:01 @ClareBurke_ELT @adi_rajan @MoreMsJackson schoology similar probs  #eltchat
sandymillin 2019-03-06T19:43:10 @MoreMsJackson We phone our students once they've missed three classes to tell them what they've missed and find ou… https://t.co/rUWV79ipI2
jonjoTESOL 2019-03-06T19:43:36 @Shujaat_English I guess for me, if they arrive late, I still let them attend, but they can't be expected to be giv… https://t.co/4RlQWgcsWj
adi_rajan 2019-03-06T19:44:15 @jonjoTESOL I’ve used extrinsic rewards (punctuality/attendance raffles), points in Classdojo (yes for adults too!)… https://t.co/07ZQChigLd
fionaljp 2019-03-06T19:44:21 @adi_rajan @jonjoTESOL @MoreMsJackson Read  interesting article today about the value of social media groups for te… https://t.co/JAxOyfU3Dv
Marisa_C 2019-03-06T19:46:01 1/ More engagement could be generated by allowing 3 minutes at end of lesson to write a note to the teacher about t… https://t.co/ascuUFK3lw
PhilipMErasmus 2019-03-06T19:46:04 @Marisa_C @ClareBurke_ELT @adi_rajan @MoreMsJackson #ELTchat One issue with using social media is that many adults… https://t.co/PhtNVJsU5E
jonjoTESOL 2019-03-06T19:46:36 @adi_rajan I suppose an obvious answer to get some Ss to attend more is to maintain that the school is a positive,… https://t.co/erZTNqVcKh
fionaljp 2019-03-06T19:47:23 @PhilipMErasmus @Shujaat_English Interesting. Yes, cultural factors will have a great influence as to what works  i… https://t.co/oZ8Qmc3tv5
sandymillin 2019-03-06T19:47:30 @jonjoTESOL The highest quality classes we can manage! CPD for our teachers and clear evidence of quality control.… https://t.co/c84c8YJmfQ
Marisa_C 2019-03-06T19:50:37 Must go - I have a really bad cold and can't stop sneezing sorry to abandon you @fionaljp but you are doing great! #ELTchat
Selfienglish 2019-03-06T19:51:08 I think this photo sums it up nicely :) #WednesdayWisdom #LearnEnglish #English #ELTchat #selfienglish #Wisdom https://t.co/PmwC2Mjj93
fionaljp 2019-03-06T19:51:23 Some schools/institutions have specific attendance management policies of course #eltchat
PhilipMErasmus 2019-03-06T19:52:32 It is also a matter of creating a community of learners, as opposed to just a 'class' where students look forward to being. #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2019-03-06T19:53:00 @sandymillin @fionaljp thanks @sandymillin good to see you here am trying to improve the blog but have been defeate… https://t.co/XMuga6C4dP
Marisa_C 2019-03-06T19:53:35 Goodnight all #eltchat
PhilipMErasmus 2019-03-06T19:54:18 @Marisa_C @sandymillin @fionaljp #ELTchat All I can offer is a wish for good health!
fionaljp 2019-03-06T19:54:24 @Marisa_C Night Marisa #ELTchat
jonjoTESOL 2019-03-06T19:55:00 I'm interested to hear how some schools handle the balance between 'good customer service' and 'good teaching pract… https://t.co/B4CdklJ0WQ
fionaljp 2019-03-06T19:55:21 @PhilipMErasmus Yes, creating a learning community - excellent. Need to cultivate this #ELTchat
fionaljp 2019-03-06T19:57:51 @jonjoTESOL Flipped classroom? Creating a class blog? Buddy system? - clear ways for learners to take responsibilit… https://t.co/A4dU4Azyhj
jonjoTESOL 2019-03-06T19:58:20 @fionaljp @PhilipMErasmus love the word 'cultivate' instead of 'create' here, has an imagine of creating a communit… https://t.co/JA6LivQN7u
sandymillin 2019-03-06T19:58:32 @jonjoTESOL I think that's about creating a whole school culture - students understand what they're paying for. And… https://t.co/Dyy6juBtJT
fionaljp 2019-03-06T20:00:03 Coming up to 8 o’clock and we’re moving into slow burn time. Do we have a volunteer #ELTchat summary writer tonight? - please!
savvy_be 2019-03-06T20:00:41 (Who's) (Whose) (right) (write)? English can be confusing. How can you be sure to use the right word -- always?… https://t.co/2lE8n2Bbgl
PhilipMErasmus 2019-03-06T20:03:34 @fionaljp @jonjoTESOL #ELTchat Occassional changes could be made if everyone agreed, but if a st could not make it,… https://t.co/gpEkrdQ0Zn
ClareBurke_ELT 2019-03-06T20:04:02 @jonjoTESOL @adi_rajan @fionaljp @MoreMsJackson 2/2 the students then can go on Edmodo or padlet and document what… https://t.co/Cr8IOd2MwZ
fionaljp 2019-03-06T20:04:10 Great #ELTchat tonight - hope it continues in slow burn. Thanks all & good night. #eltchat
ClareBurke_ELT 2019-03-06T20:04:27 @jonjoTESOL @adi_rajan @fionaljp @MoreMsJackson #ELTchat
adi_rajan 2019-03-06T20:05:04 @fionaljp Thanks Fiona! #ELTchat
fionaljp 2019-03-06T20:05:54 @adi_rajan Nice to see you Adi. #ELTchat Bye for now. Good night
ThisIsMattStott 2019-03-06T20:15:06 RT @adi_rajan: @jonjoTESOL I’ve used extrinsic rewards (punctuality/attendance raffles), points in Classdojo (yes for adults too!), automat…
adi_rajan 2019-03-06T20:21:42 @fionaljp Yes it’s great to make it for #ELtchat after yonks. But I think after daylight savings kicks in, it might… https://t.co/VwDJtAXuYZ
ge_lblog 2019-03-06T20:28:27 RT @sandymillin: @jonjoTESOL The highest quality classes we can manage! CPD for our teachers and clear evidence of quality control. Life wi…
ThisIsMattStott 2019-03-06T20:46:54 In Australia almost all students in language schools and UECs are on student visas, so there is the "stick" factor… https://t.co/hAuai8fSZe
teacherphili 2019-03-06T22:08:24 Sorry I missed #ELTchat - it looked like a lively one.  I had a new class tonight with 4 learners - think they will… https://t.co/1AYn0gOz9i
fionaljp 2019-03-07T00:17:26 @jonjoTESOL @adi_rajan @MoreMsJackson No, not in social media groups - encourage them but without me. Believe in pr… https://t.co/KadDQT0cbZ
ITLegge 2019-03-07T06:16:41 @jonjoTESOL #eltchat one of the reasons I heard for falling numbers in adult courses across EU was lack of flexibil… https://t.co/CzoWBZ2ySu
ITLegge 2019-03-07T06:20:13 @jonjoTESOL #eltchat one large org has added flexibility in some schools by allowing booking in for a lesson from r… https://t.co/C2GbviyLKG
ITLegge 2019-03-07T06:23:16 @sandymillin @MoreMsJackson #eltchat my old school did this because some ss felt that if they missed one or two at… https://t.co/HhBvMxOyZZ
Reuvchaine 2019-03-07T08:19:46 I realized that Reading, researching about #ELT , planing every lesson; they were things that used to make me happy… https://t.co/oDN8mUoI1f
teacherphili 2019-03-07T11:14:26 In one of my current roles I need to complete a course monitoring sheet.  Attendance can be poor and learners need… https://t.co/ZkxtLgKHsN
teacherphili 2019-03-07T11:17:10 What I try to do is create a comfortable learning environment where the students (all refugees or migrant workers)… https://t.co/6fWmvlQY0Q
teacherphili 2019-03-07T11:26:50 I think motivation is key here.  A lot of my refugee learners want to find work or drive in the UK (two specific le… https://t.co/Qe8qAbFrIa
teacherphili 2019-03-07T11:28:03 Having said that 'life' gets in the way, I do my best to accommodate their external commitments but fostering auton… https://t.co/mIhMYlmUUw
ClareBurke_ELT 2019-03-07T07:42:20 @ITLegge @jonjoTESOL Adding to that, there are cases of Ss asking what happens if they are sick or sth comes up and… https://t.co/GP00Mifb86
ThisIsMattStott 2019-03-06T21:02:29 @MoreMsJackson #ELTchat If there were handouts I usually make sure they get them. Other students are also pretty go… https://t.co/GbpoRLXx6R
MoreMsJackson 2019-03-06T20:05:44 Love it #ELTchat https://t.co/PSktAuPhqi
PhilipMErasmus 2019-03-06T20:00:55 @jonjoTESOL #ELTchat A school I used to work at had a simple policy. Ss pay for X number of hours and the class tim… https://t.co/RBe03fhVh3
jonjoTESOL 2019-03-06T19:55:47 @Marisa_C Good night and get better soon!! Probably overworked #eltchat
fionaljp 2019-03-06T19:53:27 @Marisa_C Oh dear! Take care and get well soon wishes Marisa. #ELTchat and thanks!
Marisa_C 2019-03-06T19:48:31 2/ Have experimented with sharing objectives - objectives training - without being tiresome of course #eltchat and… https://t.co/Wg73leaTg9
Marisa_C 2019-03-06T19:45:24 Have two more ideas to suggest and then have to go #ELTchat
ClareBurke_ELT 2019-03-06T19:42:12 @adi_rajan @Marisa_C @MoreMsJackson I like edmodo, but some Ss aren’t keen. They don’t like that every time they mo… https://t.co/9PUWUeQwUg
Marisa_C 2019-03-06T19:39:16 @adi_rajan @ClareBurke_ELT @MoreMsJackson looks more adult - and is free - of course some schools have their own pl… https://t.co/Izuf5in1tv
jonjoTESOL 2019-03-06T19:35:51 @ClareBurke_ELT @adi_rajan @MoreMsJackson Our school/franchise already has an online platform which all lessons and… https://t.co/ufHgI678lB
adi_rajan 2019-03-06T19:34:47 @jonjoTESOL @fionaljp @MoreMsJackson But culture can be leveraged to get people to come regularly and on time for c… https://t.co/Z5IwNcnWCI
ClareBurke_ELT 2019-03-06T19:33:08 @adi_rajan @MoreMsJackson Do your students like Edmodo? I use it with a university class I teach. #ELTchat
adi_rajan 2019-03-06T19:30:45 @fionaljp @jonjoTESOL @MoreMsJackson I finds social media groups generally quite moribund unless I’m personally inv… https://t.co/ow9Efnc9xu
fionaljp 2019-03-06T19:29:17 @MoreMsJackson @jonjoTESOL Of course, that is what I meant #ELTchat - st/st social media groups
fionaljp 2019-03-06T19:27:07 @jonjoTESOL @MoreMsJackson in adult classes? #ELTchat
jonjoTESOL 2019-03-06T19:25:30 @fionaljp @MoreMsJackson We've been actively discouraged from doing this from management. It can/has created both p… https://t.co/IOoWCKVFGm
jonjoTESOL 2019-03-06T19:22:41 @Marisa_C I wish that was the case for me. My school has rolling classes that you can rebook if you miss. The flexi… https://t.co/Jto2jJtLJX
fionaljp 2019-03-06T19:17:55 @PhilipMErasmus @Marisa_C Noooo! Later… #eltchat
fionaljp 2019-03-06T19:14:14 @PhilipMErasmus @Marisa_C Yes, paying for lessons can definitely be a motivating factor! #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2019-03-06T19:10:56 They are keen but will miss a class if they find an odd job #eltchat or smtms they can't afford the fare!
jonjoTESOL 2019-03-06T19:03:18 @fionaljp Oh wow I thought it was just me!!  #eltchat


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