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Better Timing for Lesson Planning

Page history last edited by sue annan 6 years, 2 months ago
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Marisa_C 2018-05-09T18:02:04 Anyone keen to talk on #ELTchat? The topic is how to make time for collaborative & productive skills work? Suggeste… https://t.co/IslrH5yMDc
este_moscow 2018-05-09T18:04:39 @Marisa_C @SueAnnan Hi! I'm keen on anything that's going to help me with D2 :) #ELTchat
koomska 2018-05-09T18:05:30 @Marisa_C @SueAnnan #ELTchat planning backwards so working out how much time you need for production activity first.
Marisa_C 2018-05-09T18:06:03 @SueAnnan I'm here - hi Este! @este_moscow and welcome to new friends  @ELTC_TD #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2018-05-09T18:06:28 @koomska @Marisa_C I like that idea, but I feel stressed when I have to plan minute by minute  for observations. #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2018-05-09T18:06:37 You took the words right out of my mouth Kate - OK #eltchat officially over https://t.co/rz68KXezfU
koomska 2018-05-09T18:06:42 @este_moscow @Marisa_C @SueAnnan Timing was my nemesis in module 2 :( #ELTchat
este_moscow 2018-05-09T18:07:00 I've been thinking about this a lot lately. It feels like all my time gets spent on input and controlled practice.… https://t.co/U3nZy2QjMO
SueAnnan 2018-05-09T18:07:19 @koomska @este_moscow @Marisa_C What if your students want to go off at a tangent, but it's really useful for them? #ELTchat
koomska 2018-05-09T18:08:02 @SueAnnan @Marisa_C Me too - not my strong point at all! #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2018-05-09T18:08:10 @este_moscow could you make some of the input- preparation homework? #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2018-05-09T18:09:12 @SueAnnan @koomska @este_moscow I think that the reality of the classroom suggests you should go with the flow - bu… https://t.co/tjzkGriCPL
ELTC_TD 2018-05-09T18:10:26 Could controlled practice be shortened by not getting students to give feedback on all questions in an exercise? #eltchat
Marisa_C 2018-05-09T18:10:31 May be a good idea not to set an output goal but a timing limit, i.e. not finish this survey but 'aslk as many ques… https://t.co/7eY90BmgSi
SueAnnan 2018-05-09T18:10:53 @Marisa_C @koomska @este_moscow I do. But when being observed I feel guilty for going off piste #ELTChat
HanaTicha 2018-05-09T18:10:56 Sorry for being late. Hello, everyone.  Trying to catch up. #ELTchat
koomska 2018-05-09T18:11:08 @SueAnnan @este_moscow That’s a great idea especially if students know it’s preparation for activity in next class… https://t.co/ZwRP3ImotL
este_moscow 2018-05-09T18:11:15 @SueAnnan @koomska @Marisa_C I'm usually OK with that. Unfortunately work for a school that demands x pages be cove… https://t.co/29O8XpPaJI
SueAnnan 2018-05-09T18:11:16 @HanaTicha Hi Hana. Good to see you #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2018-05-09T18:11:19 I often suggest posting the 'key' on the IWB or on a wall and have Ss go and check answers when done #eltchat https://t.co/dyMEY2EMhU
Marisa_C 2018-05-09T18:12:33 when we are being observed it is a problems - whether as a trainee or as a tutor (teaching a masterclass for exampl… https://t.co/7aAqNaOM8c
SueAnnan 2018-05-09T18:12:36 @Marisa_C Or get them to check with each other and only ask you if there is a problem? #ELTchat
este_moscow 2018-05-09T18:13:51 @SueAnnan That would definitely be worth training the Ss to do. Would free up a lot of time, also serve as motivati… https://t.co/4nyPRPpW2y
Marisa_C 2018-05-09T18:13:59 Of course, there is another way of going about planning - test-teach-test lesson shapes encourage production early… https://t.co/BHayeJVY8H
SueAnnan 2018-05-09T18:14:29 @Marisa_C I was being observed by one of my new DIP colleagues. I watched him so many times, he was looking to get… https://t.co/QiQ2eBJ5ev
SueAnnan 2018-05-09T18:15:13 @este_moscow It's blended learning by stealth #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2018-05-09T18:15:19 I personally am not fond of this - Ss end up reading grammar books, metalanguage heavy stuff or read without learne… https://t.co/XthFzbGUXt
SueAnnan 2018-05-09T18:16:03 @Marisa_C I think you could simplify what needs to be done though #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2018-05-09T18:16:25 @SueAnnan tehe he - a revenge observation!!! new one! #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2018-05-09T18:16:58 or TBL indeed #ELTchat https://t.co/XgXWAuLPHU
SueAnnan 2018-05-09T18:17:27 @Marisa_C It was a bit. LOL #ELTchat
este_moscow 2018-05-09T18:18:36 @Marisa_C With certain things, I agree. However some things, depending on level, like new vocab/phrases could be se… https://t.co/6F2VRvYYuq
Marisa_C 2018-05-09T18:18:50 One idea to keep the Ss on track (because they often meander b4 they get to the point) is to show a large timer - t… https://t.co/Rw7RRj1iki
SueAnnan 2018-05-09T18:19:31 @Marisa_C Sounds like you have the same students as me :-) #ELTChat
Marisa_C 2018-05-09T18:20:29 @SueAnnan I don't - ours are beautifully trained :-D #ELTchat - just saying  (te he he) here's another stopwatch https://t.co/Sd9lmmqkQ0
ELTC_TD 2018-05-09T18:20:36 With mixed level classes could you allocate roles so someone has the job of keeping the task on track?#eltchat
koomska 2018-05-09T18:21:09 @Marisa_C They certainly work well with Yls and teens too. Also telling students lesson menu may keep them on track… https://t.co/co9x0TklAI
Marisa_C 2018-05-09T18:21:15 @este_moscow just don't do that one when i get to see your LSA :-D #ELTchat hint hint nudge nudge
este_moscow 2018-05-09T18:21:46 @Marisa_C I often have one-minute days with my Ss. They can only speak for minute-long periods. Nothing more or les… https://t.co/hjpyoFM9TZ
Marisa_C 2018-05-09T18:21:53 for sure - or someone is in charge of the 'key' in each group etc #ELTchat https://t.co/BRvXgDAV1G
este_moscow 2018-05-09T18:22:45 @Marisa_C Already made a note :D #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2018-05-09T18:24:04 New or less experienced teachers may have trouble visualising the time it takes to do an activity properly #ELTchat
HanaTicha 2018-05-09T18:25:00 @Marisa_C Yes, I remember I tended to be hasty.  #eltchat
Marisa_C 2018-05-09T18:25:18 My suggestion is to 'microplan' each activity/stage in your lesson; it should have its lead-in, doing the activ and… https://t.co/RjXgsEixLF
SueAnnan 2018-05-09T18:25:28 @Marisa_C That's true. And they try to squash too much into the lesson, so the time is never enough to do tasks justice #ELTchat
koomska 2018-05-09T18:26:03 #ELTchat having flexi stages in your plan that can be added in or removed depending on student need or time.
Marisa_C 2018-05-09T18:26:09 and also for speaking activities - often Ts tell Ss to roleplay an activity that in real life would take one minute… https://t.co/GhQ5c5QqFG
ELTC_TD 2018-05-09T18:26:27 When you observe a lesson, what are the early signs that an activity is going on for more time than it should? #eltchat
HanaTicha 2018-05-09T18:26:54 @ELTC_TD Fast finishers are bored?  #eltchat
Marisa_C 2018-05-09T18:26:54 @koomska You sound  like a session a wrote some time ago!!!  May I ask where you did your Delta? #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2018-05-09T18:27:47 @ELTC_TD concentration lagging? #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2018-05-09T18:28:04 @ELTC_TD I think Ss checking FB or falling silent etc? #eltchat activ has run its course
koomska 2018-05-09T18:28:25 @Marisa_C #ELTchat module 2 at BC Warsaw - Steve Brewin and Jonathan Marks.
Marisa_C 2018-05-09T18:29:24 @koomska I think they have come to my centre as CELTA assessors yes :-) #ELTchat
fionaljp 2018-05-09T18:29:45 Hello #ELTchat late home from work - attempting to catch up...
SueAnnan 2018-05-09T18:30:00 @fionaljp Hi Fiona #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2018-05-09T18:30:09 @fionaljp talking about timing issues #eltchat
fionaljp 2018-05-09T18:30:31 @SueAnnan Hi Sue #eltchat
HanaTicha 2018-05-09T18:31:44 I really liked Sandy Millin's latest post. Related to timing issues, kind of. :-)  #eltchat
Marisa_C 2018-05-09T18:32:06 I often say to my trainees "Less is More" do not overplan - have some extras or flexi-stages but keep the basic flow simple #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2018-05-09T18:33:17 I like having a plan, but I'm happy to throw it out the window if my students needs are different on the day. #ELTchat
koomska 2018-05-09T18:33:18 @HanaTicha #ELTchat I think a lot of us have been there ;)
este_moscow 2018-05-09T18:33:53 It's tricky to decide whether to give fast-finishers add-on activities, or to gently cut short the slower Ss. It fe… https://t.co/PWn1MfGB4k
fionaljp 2018-05-09T18:34:28 @koomska or flexi timing to be more realistic e.g. 5-10minutes rather than 7mins #eltchat
HanaTicha 2018-05-09T18:35:07 @SueAnnan Me too. Last Friday my students had had an emotionally challenging lecture before my English lesson. Had… https://t.co/ilYA9iK1wM
fionaljp 2018-05-09T18:35:18 @Marisa_C Thanks #eltchat - had a timing issue myself!
SueAnnan 2018-05-09T18:35:45 @HanaTicha Yes. That's what I mean #ELTchat
koomska 2018-05-09T18:35:55 @SueAnnan Me too. Think responding to students is more important than sticking to the plan regardless. #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2018-05-09T18:35:57 true - or lots of ONE min bits - #ELTchat https://t.co/gXjky5a9xz
Marisa_C 2018-05-09T18:38:07 Often lots of time tends to be taken by long and complicated instructions - novice Ts may benefit by scripting them… https://t.co/xmecpKcbvr
HanaTicha 2018-05-09T18:38:42 At our school, five minutes before the bell rings, sometimes there's an announcement from the school intercom. That… https://t.co/bCEE1mhNs5
HanaTicha 2018-05-09T18:39:43 @Marisa_C And I believe that L1 comes in handy in such a case. #eltchat
Marisa_C 2018-05-09T18:39:53 An idea always is to plan not for your actual class time but for 10 minutes LESS as sth always may go wrong (murphy… https://t.co/aDyqfY7cwa
SueAnnan 2018-05-09T18:39:55 @HanaTicha Our school secretary comes in to ask about numbers for the weekly dinner, or activity list etc. It unset… https://t.co/vrR8SwweXK
Cathyofnusle 2018-05-09T18:40:26 @ELTC_TD Depends if it's something that needs to be checked for accuracy. If that's a factor and sts are mature u c… https://t.co/sWA0zpbTL3
koomska 2018-05-09T18:41:44 @HanaTicha I taught in a school in Russia when that happened at random times in the lesson. Even more disruptive as… https://t.co/OxXSASCf4j
HanaTicha 2018-05-09T18:43:05 @Cathyofnusle @ELTC_TD I sometimes read the answers myself. It's much quicker. But once I was observed and the insp… https://t.co/d0pmT8e34F
Marisa_C 2018-05-09T18:43:07 @este_moscow Sometimes handing the 'key' to that slower student at the end may help - sometimes though to avoid sin… https://t.co/Br9X2XFI5m
fionaljp 2018-05-09T18:43:10 @Marisa_C Yes, good to create space #eltchat to allow for more time or less where necessary.
Cathyofnusle 2018-05-09T18:44:03 A good tip from a tutor of mine was to plan 'backwards' starting from the big activity you want to finish the lesso… https://t.co/sofob69wA7
SueAnnan 2018-05-09T18:44:27 @fionaljp @Marisa_C But if you have to write a plan, it's not so easy to fudge timing #ELTchat
este_moscow 2018-05-09T18:44:34 @koomska @HanaTicha Russian schools have no chill :D :D You never know who decides they should burst through your door :D #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2018-05-09T18:45:06 @Cathyofnusle a good plan of attack #ELTChat
Marisa_C 2018-05-09T18:45:17 #eltchat (remember hashtag :-) Yes even for observations - if u have 60 mins plan for 50 & have stuff as extras… https://t.co/RveQjSHxxG
Cathyofnusle 2018-05-09T18:45:28 @HanaTicha @ELTC_TD I do that too. It makes the exercise not a test too, so less stressful and shows learners you t… https://t.co/KSBCABG77p
ELTC_TD 2018-05-09T18:45:42 @Marisa_C I like that idea of planning for 10 minutes less #eltchat
fionaljp 2018-05-09T18:46:35 @SueAnnan @Marisa_C flexi timing? #eltchat
HanaTicha 2018-05-09T18:46:39 @Marisa_C @este_moscow Just remembered I sometimes put the key on the front desk and ask students to come and check… https://t.co/Ha3vAhjBe3
Cathyofnusle 2018-05-09T18:46:52 @SueAnnan @fionaljp @Marisa_C Who are you writing the plan for? They should understand need for flexibility. And ti… https://t.co/WIbeqfHm7z
SueAnnan 2018-05-09T18:47:21 @Cathyofnusle @fionaljp @Marisa_C British Council next time #ELTchat
Cathyofnusle 2018-05-09T18:48:28 @SueAnnan @fionaljp @Marisa_C Well, they should understand you can't be precise, as long as u r reasonably realistic #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2018-05-09T18:48:56 @Cathyofnusle @fionaljp @Marisa_C Oh I agree #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2018-05-09T18:48:56 @HanaTicha @este_moscow yes - or on the IWB or the wall #ELTchat
fionaljp 2018-05-09T18:49:03 @HanaTicha @Marisa_C @este_moscow Yes, good idea - I've used QR codes for this too. #eltchat
HanaTicha 2018-05-09T18:49:45 @fionaljp @Marisa_C @este_moscow QR codes are still a mystery for me. :-) #eltchat
koomska 2018-05-09T18:49:57 @HanaTicha @Marisa_C @este_moscow I sometimes check the fast finishers and if they are correct get them to check/he… https://t.co/sQeH6o7OeM
Marisa_C 2018-05-09T18:49:58 @fionaljp @HanaTicha @este_moscow i love that but our refugee Ss not so tech savvy #ELTchat
fionaljp 2018-05-09T18:50:52 @HanaTicha @Marisa_C @este_moscow Getting them all to stop and check with each other works too. #eltchat
koomska 2018-05-09T18:50:58 @SueAnnan @Cathyofnusle @fionaljp @Marisa_C They are very much on my mind as we have an inspection this summer! #ELTchat
koomska 2018-05-09T18:51:36 @HanaTicha @fionaljp @Marisa_C @este_moscow And me but want to learn #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2018-05-09T18:51:37 @koomska @Cathyofnusle @fionaljp @Marisa_C So do we. Best of luck #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2018-05-09T18:51:51 How do u deal with Ss who are bent on taking you off course #eltchat - usually with very persistent and dry grammar questions
ELTC_TD 2018-05-09T18:51:59 @HanaTicha You're not alone! #eltchat
SueAnnan 2018-05-09T18:52:24 @Marisa_C suggest that we come back to it if we have time later #ELTchat
fionaljp 2018-05-09T18:52:30 @Marisa_C @HanaTicha @este_moscow If they have Facebook, they have a QR reader but also free and easy to download i… https://t.co/R6RIBMdZeP
koomska 2018-05-09T18:52:30 @SueAnnan @Cathyofnusle @fionaljp @Marisa_C You too #ELTchat
HanaTicha 2018-05-09T18:52:40 Observed a lesson today. The T asked Ss to correct their mistakes from a test by rewriting the whole sentences. Tho… https://t.co/d5dn1hpbTy
Marisa_C 2018-05-09T18:53:13 @HanaTicha Yikes! #eltchat painful observation!
ELTC_TD 2018-05-09T18:53:33 @Marisa_C Or (entertaining) stories? #eltchat
HanaTicha 2018-05-09T18:53:54 @Marisa_C Yes, but I think it was more painful for the students. :-( #eltchat
fionaljp 2018-05-09T18:54:22 @HanaTicha @Marisa_C @este_moscow This is great #eltchat from @NikPeachey https://t.co/2YGUwn3iYw
koomska 2018-05-09T18:54:38 @Marisa_C Suggest they go and research it and come back next lesson to share what they’ve found #ELTchat
MirandaRuthG 2018-05-09T18:55:44 @Marisa_C I’ll bear that in mind as I type up my plan tonight!! #ELTchat good advice
SueAnnan 2018-05-09T18:56:01 This #ELTChat is coming to an end. Would anyone like to write a summary of the chat? I will provide the transcript for it. #ELTChat
este_moscow 2018-05-09T18:56:02 @Marisa_C I might say that it's not something we need to look into atm, or it's not relevant to the group, but if h… https://t.co/ElyZS971pa
ELTC_TD 2018-05-09T18:56:05 If a student is excited and telling me something they've done, it's hard to think "Remember your activity timings" #eltchat
Marisa_C 2018-05-09T18:56:49 @MirandaRuthG You being observed? Best of luck! #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2018-05-09T18:58:12 @ELTC_TD I know - I feel awful as well but smtms it has to be done! #eltchat may be a rule might help - share anyth… https://t.co/yK4hlBcu4F
Marisa_C 2018-05-09T18:59:10 May I ask those present if there is a volunteer for the summary write up? #ELTchat
koomska 2018-05-09T18:59:29 @SueAnnan I’ve never done one. Wouldn’t mind having a go but on holiday next week so wouldn’t get done very quickly #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2018-05-09T18:59:44 Need to love you and leave you all. Thanks for the great ideas. See you next week. Watch out for the slow burn #ELTchat
Cathyofnusle 2018-05-09T18:59:47 @ELTC_TD Surely reacting to the students and what they want to say should come before the plan. Although, you also… https://t.co/ElXFJNGlfP
SueAnnan 2018-05-09T19:00:11 @koomska I'll help with ideas and there is no great rush #ELTchat
HanaTicha 2018-05-09T19:01:15 It was great to finally catch up with you, guys. Good night. #eltchat
Marisa_C 2018-05-09T19:01:56 @HanaTicha great to see you too back on #eltchat !
ELTC_TD 2018-05-09T19:02:30 Thanks for this very enjoyable chat, everyone  #eltchat
koomska 2018-05-09T19:02:32 @SueAnnan #ELTchat I’m happy to do it then. If no one else wants to!
este_moscow 2018-05-09T19:02:56 Seems like a lot of people are being observed and writing plans, etc. Good luck to you all. Sending you lots of pos… https://t.co/rpO6llGttJ
Marisa_C 2018-05-09T19:02:57 @koomska @SueAnnan will send you a link to our wiki for general guidelines but @SueAnnan is a star #ELTchat blogger… https://t.co/3FWvmQeR6y
koomska 2018-05-09T19:03:41 Thanks for the stimulating chat see you in 2 weeks  #ELTchat
koomska 2018-05-09T19:04:45 @Marisa_C @SueAnnan #ELTchat perfect- one of my aims is to start blogging too.
Marisa_C 2018-05-09T19:04:54 @koomska Here is the wiki link https://t.co/GQ2HTbChuz  - let me know if it helps when you start writing #eltchat
tesolmatthew 2018-05-10T03:54:32 @este_moscow Forgot #ELTchat


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