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Classroom spaces inside or outside

Page history last edited by sue annan 7 years ago
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tesolmatthew 2017-06-25T06:07:18 This Wednsday #ELTchat goes "outside the (classrm) box". +/- of differnt t'ing spaces? I've taught in malls, a boat… https://t.co/WkLcyAFVRg
kamilaofprague 2017-06-25T06:38:39 @tesolmatthew Pretty standard but you could extend topic by what we trade our lessons for: other lessons, goods, se… https://t.co/wxa481RZFM
tesolmatthew 2017-06-25T07:37:50 @kamilaofprague Nice idea: alternative class spaces, different/alternative payment practices...alternative ___? What else? #ELTchat
tesolmatthew 2017-06-25T15:48:14 What's ur fave type of clssrm? Simple or teched out? Tables+chairs or desks in horseshoe? Natural light? What irks… https://t.co/GiVdyP1km2
tesolmatthew 2017-06-25T16:52:22 @ElleninEdmonton Seems desks in rows is essentially faux pas these days, no? #ELTchat I'd *gasp* if I walked into a… https://t.co/OTKyPva4p6
tesolmatthew 2017-06-25T22:33:40 Do you have Ss moving around/pairing/grouping despite the layout? #ELTchat https://t.co/R4EbNJPPPR
Ven_VVE 2017-06-25T22:37:11 @tesolmatthew Yes, most lessons. Moving around can be tricky though & sometimes I feel like it's an inconvenience f… https://t.co/tTYwqzg99O
GemmaELT 2017-06-25T22:38:54 RT @tesolmatthew: This Wednesday at 19:00pm GMT Thinking about the places and spaces we teach in #ELTchat https://t.co/tHfeTb82cq
ITLegge 2017-06-26T06:19:12 @tesolmatthew Like tables in groups, find both rows and horseshoes equally limiting. Like a bit of space at one end… https://t.co/A532S8zKPu
tesolmatthew 2017-06-26T20:42:13 Great post for pre-reading ahead of this Wednesday's #ELTchat!  :) https://t.co/v92hlqy7Hx
ThisIsMattStott 2017-06-26T21:37:45 @tesolmatthew #eltchat Used to work in the CBD, so could plan task-based lessons around #fieldtrips to the museum and art gallery.
ThisIsMattStott 2017-06-26T23:15:28 @getgreatenglish @RobertTaylorELT @tesolmatthew TRIGGERED. But this would make a good #eltchat topic: what does… https://t.co/sotVY8VH7A
tesolmatthew 2017-06-26T23:48:48 More pre-#ELTchat blogpost reading, this time from @vickyloras: https://t.co/8GdEVKPY4c
ThisIsMattStott 2017-06-26T23:48:56 RT @tesolmatthew: @ThisIsMattStott @getgreatenglish @RobertTaylorELT Likely, but maybe not? A master list of #ELTchat topics for yrs: https…
tesolmatthew 2017-06-26T23:53:32 Programs like https://t.co/USSQ3dBYAG fundamentally turn backs on clssrms as ideal learning space #ELTchat Join Wed 19:00 UK 4 live chat! :)
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T17:58:49 Who's around for tonight's #ELTchat  ?
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T18:04:05 @GlenysHanson I had a lovely week in France. IT was seriously hot. I was glad to get home :-) #ELTchat
teacherphili 2017-06-28T18:04:31 I'm here, @SueAnnan & @GlenysHanson #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T18:05:03 Just wondering if I've got the night wrong! Where is everyone? #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T18:06:09 so it looks like we are discussing classroom features which make it a good place to work #ELTchat
teacherphili 2017-06-28T18:06:09 Hello @digteap #ELTchat
fionaljp 2017-06-28T18:06:39 @SueAnnan I am #ELTchat
digteap 2017-06-28T18:06:48 @teacherphili @SueAnnan @GlenysHanson so where have you all taught that's not a classroom? #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T18:07:08 What makes an effective work space for you? #ELTchat
fionaljp 2017-06-28T18:07:33 @digteap @teacherphili @SueAnnan @GlenysHanson My first job was at a summer camp on the beach #eltchat
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T18:07:46 @digteap @teacherphili @GlenysHanson I have taught outside when requested by students- I hate it. The traffic noise… https://t.co/vtWl1vvAZy
teacherphili 2017-06-28T18:08:08 By classroom do we mean 4 walls, desks, chairs & possibly a computer/projector? #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T18:08:36 @teacherphili I suppose the 4 walls are important #ELTchat
digteap 2017-06-28T18:08:41 @SueAnnan hi Sue... bit quiet innit? #ELTchat
teacherphili 2017-06-28T18:09:07 Last week I would have taught outside because weather in the UK was lovely. Now it's wet, grey and miserable. Better off inside now #ELTchat
tesolmatthew 2017-06-28T18:09:29 Hi everyone! I'm here joining in now...hehe always late #ELTchat
teacherphili 2017-06-28T18:09:56 My first job was teaching under a mango tree in an orphange in #Tanzania. #ELTchat   - that was outside!
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T18:10:16 @teacherphili I had a classroom where one wall was purple. It was an unprepossessing room. I think colour is important too #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T18:10:55 @tesolmatthew Hey You. #ELTchat  Glad you're here since it's your topic
tesolmatthew 2017-06-28T18:11:11 taught in this classroom - very very low resouruce. Chalk, one bench, even cattle roaming through cuz it was in a b… https://t.co/BltqbcTOaE
teacherphili 2017-06-28T18:11:26 Currently teaching at a university where everything - the walls, concrete buildings & even the inside of the lifts are grey. #ELTchat
tesolmatthew 2017-06-28T18:11:44 #ELTchat that was my very first classroom. So it was only up from there! It allowed me to REALLY appreciate the basics of a modern space :P
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T18:11:47 @teacherphili That sounds depressing! #ELTchat
digteap 2017-06-28T18:12:18 @fionaljp @teacherphili @SueAnnan @GlenysHanson did you actually teach on the beach? #ELTchat
teacherphili 2017-06-28T18:12:44 Here's mine, @tesolmatthew - hardly any resources... eh? @RogersHistory #ELTchat https://t.co/PUG26pIK4O
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T18:13:13 I like spaces which are flexible. I taught in a room in Malta where the table was the size of the room. Impossible to monitor #ELTchat
tesolmatthew 2017-06-28T18:13:17 Later, after the tsunami in sri lanka, i did private lessons on board w/ captain of this beached dredger ship. (he never left it) #ELTchat
digteap 2017-06-28T18:13:19 @teacherphili is that because there was no classroom? #ELTchat
seburnt 2017-06-28T18:13:22 @digteap @teacherphili @SueAnnan @GlenysHanson I've never not taught in a classroom, except maybe 1-2-1 in a coffee shop. #eltchat
fionaljp 2017-06-28T18:13:24 @digteap @teacherphili @SueAnnan @GlenysHanson Yes, my first job on a summer camp in Turkey for children for 6 weeks #eltchat
teacherphili 2017-06-28T18:13:43 @digteap yes Maria.  Only outside.  #ELTchat
MConca16 2017-06-28T18:13:55 @SueAnnan @tesolmatthew Hi all.Finally back to #eltchat Summertime
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T18:13:56 @seburnt @digteap @teacherphili @GlenysHanson I've done the odd 1-2-1 in a hotel space #ELTchat
tesolmatthew 2017-06-28T18:14:01 #ELTchat wow, can anyone top that for low-resource classroom environment? we might be hard pressed... https://t.co/86JV08lEoJ
seburnt 2017-06-28T18:14:01 @digteap @teacherphili @SueAnnan @GlenysHanson Though now I think about it, I did turn my bedroom into a quasi 1-2-… https://t.co/hnFbDM11U1
digteap 2017-06-28T18:14:23 @teacherphili @tesolmatthew @RogersHistory interesting, kind of like a traditional classroom just minus the walls #ELTchat
RogersHistory 2017-06-28T18:14:46 RT @teacherphili: Here's mine, @tesolmatthew - hardly any resources... eh? @RogersHistory #ELTchat https://t.co/PUG26pIK4O
tesolmatthew 2017-06-28T18:14:47 @MConca16 @SueAnnan #ELTchat welcome back! tell us about differences in classrooms and non-classrooms you've taught in...:)
tesolmatthew 2017-06-28T18:15:16 @SueAnnan Yeah! 11am is never good for me, so that's the rub #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T18:15:32 And I taught 1-2-1 in a lady's kitchen for a whole summer #ELTchat  She made great coffee in the break though
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T18:16:14 @harrisonmike spaces for working in. Environment and resources #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T18:17:17 What is actually necessary? T and Sts, but you can manage with few resources #ELTchat
fionaljp 2017-06-28T18:17:42 @SueAnnan @harrisonmike Have taught doctors in a hospital in Spain every morning at 8am #eltchat
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T18:18:13 @fionaljp @harrisonmike where did you work in the hospital? #ELTchat
harrisonmike 2017-06-28T18:18:17 Challenge for me this year – having a laptop and having to plug it in to projector in each classroom. Takes time #ELTchat
teacherphili 2017-06-28T18:18:17 I taught a 9 year old 1-2-1 at home after teaching all day in Beijing.  Mostly played games, though. and when it sn… https://t.co/wpLsB0KNNs
digteap 2017-06-28T18:18:25 @SueAnnan yep I've expnced that.I guess we have 2 modify the way we teach dependng on the environment. Nice to be able to move tho #ELTchat
seburnt 2017-06-28T18:18:57 @SueAnnan Totally depends on teaching context. University courses REQUIRE actual classrooms. #eltchat
GlenysHanson 2017-06-28T18:18:59 @teacherphili When I started, I taught in a French uni with  walls dripping with filth. Ss only complained when course went badly. #ELTchat
fionaljp 2017-06-28T18:19:00 @tesolmatthew @MConca16 @SueAnnan beach  & hospital - non-classroom environments #eltchat
MConca16 2017-06-28T18:19:12 @tesolmatthew @SueAnnan #eltchat taught outdoors on the lawn on summer camps & at James Park in LDN for free
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T18:19:20 @digteap our rooms have small tables which fit together and can be separated #ELTchat
seburnt 2017-06-28T18:19:33 @harrisonmike Story of my entire career. #eltchat
digteap 2017-06-28T18:19:33 @seburnt @teacherphili @SueAnnan @GlenysHanson bit inapproprié #ELTchat
harrisonmike 2017-06-28T18:19:55 @seburnt Such a faff #eltchat
teacherphili 2017-06-28T18:20:18 @digteap @seburnt @SueAnnan @GlenysHanson I think I would draw a big fat line at teaching IN my bedroom. Maybe onli… https://t.co/Ehr45c2BMK
fionaljp 2017-06-28T18:20:26 @harrisonmike Yes, have to do similar operation at the moment - quite complicated! #eltchat
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T18:20:27 @GlenysHanson @teacherphili I find students often don't notice. Ours only complain if something goes wrong with the toilets #ELTchat
digteap 2017-06-28T18:21:12 @harrisonmike but there are computers there? U just prefer your own? #ELTchat
harrisonmike 2017-06-28T18:21:36 @fionaljp Sts with their mobiles keep asking if they can charge it from my USB socket  #ELTchat
fionaljp 2017-06-28T18:21:42 @harrisonmike @seburnt Faff #eltchat
harrisonmike 2017-06-28T18:22:17 @digteap Only projectors in the rooms. Everyone mobile with laptops issued by college #eltchat
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T18:22:17 @harrisonmike @fionaljp That's a pain! #ELTChat
digteap 2017-06-28T18:22:39 @teacherphili @seburnt @SueAnnan @GlenysHanson oh yes of course teaching online! #ELTchat
fionaljp 2017-06-28T18:22:58 @SueAnnan @harrisonmike in some an available room! #ELTchat
teacherphili 2017-06-28T18:23:00 @digteap @seburnt @SueAnnan @GlenysHanson It's the modern way ;-) #ELTchat
GlenysHanson 2017-06-28T18:23:13 @SueAnnan @teacherphili Another room had  several pillars. I had to peer round them to see Ss & they to see me. #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T18:23:20 @teacherphili @digteap @seburnt @GlenysHanson Even then I would want to make sure it was tidy :-) #ELTchat
seburnt 2017-06-28T18:23:22 @teacherphili @digteap @SueAnnan @GlenysHanson I didn't have another 'appropriate' space... haha #eltchat
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T18:24:09 @GlenysHanson @teacherphili That is so useless. NO wonder our French students are Crap at English :-) #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T18:25:04 @seburnt @teacherphili @digteap @GlenysHanson I have a student coming in August who thinks she can have lessons in… https://t.co/OSYdfw4Ukm
digteap 2017-06-28T18:25:20 @teacherphili @seburnt @SueAnnan @GlenysHanson  done that!In hotel room w/ hotel manager yelling at me 2 keep it down. Embarrassing #ELTchat
teacherphili 2017-06-28T18:26:55 @SueAnnan @seburnt @digteap @GlenysHanson Been teaching in other people's dining rooms recently.  Kind of a classro… https://t.co/WPGzHROgjm
digteap 2017-06-28T18:27:04 @harrisonmike oh right ok, they shd make it easy 4 all thi. Not just matter of plugging one thing in? #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T18:27:14 @digteap @teacherphili @seburnt @GlenysHanson Yes.know exactly where you are coming from.They squeeze you into a sp… https://t.co/LBbFZ9fzQH
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T18:28:36 @teacherphili @seburnt @digteap @GlenysHanson My husband is semi retired, so I would have to ask him to vacate the… https://t.co/Y7Bj9T5Fy6
seburnt 2017-06-28T18:28:36 @SueAnnan @digteap @teacherphili @GlenysHanson Actually, I remember in a PLS in Seoul, they'd rotate us into the "f… https://t.co/Upicu7qg7J
GlenysHanson 2017-06-28T18:28:36 @SueAnnan @digteap That's just perfect for my style. Too much furniture or desks that can't be moved are awful. Ss… https://t.co/kfp1ZeGoI8
digteap 2017-06-28T18:29:21 @SueAnnan @seburnt @teacherphili @GlenysHanson you're not gonna do a Tyson then are you? #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T18:29:51 @GlenysHanson @digteap Yes. It's great to put tables away when your class is small. Makes the room feel friendlier #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T18:30:11 @digteap @seburnt @teacherphili @GlenysHanson Highly unlikely #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T18:30:54 @seburnt @digteap @teacherphili @GlenysHanson That's an interesting concept. A bit like the open door policy some schools have #ELTchat
GlenysHanson 2017-06-28T18:31:50 @SueAnnan @teacherphili Well, mostly it was just ordinary classrooms. Square rooms are better than long, narrow one… https://t.co/LLpynXBnP0
teacherphili 2017-06-28T18:32:10 My friend, a history teacher currently in Vigo, Spain just posted this. Also Tanzania, 2006. #eltchat https://t.co/7cTycw0Rvm
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T18:33:02 WE bought an old hotel (1606) as a student residence. It now provides space for 1-2-1 lessons when busy. 1/2 #ELTchat
harrisonmike 2017-06-28T18:33:11 @digteap Various models of laptop are used and sometimes cables go missing #ELTChat
digteap 2017-06-28T18:33:34 @SueAnnan @GlenysHanson I actually quite like those old fashioned chairs that have little tables attached. #ELTchat ELTchat
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T18:33:40 Not one stair tread is square and we can hear the second teacher through the wall :-( #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T18:34:09 @digteap @GlenysHanson I hate them. The students can't spread out to work. #ELTchat
tesolmatthew 2017-06-28T18:34:30 @digteap @SueAnnan @GlenysHanson Me too #ELTchat
digteap 2017-06-28T18:34:56 @SueAnnan @GlenysHanson I've seen modern version w/ wheels so t'as can move around easily.and a place to place bags etc under chair #ELTchat
tesolmatthew 2017-06-28T18:35:11 One of my favorite things to use in class: WIRELESS SPEAKERS #ELTchat https://t.co/V8a078e55b
GlenysHanson 2017-06-28T18:35:47 @teacherphili @SueAnnan @seburnt @digteap I always carried those (no iPad in my day) when travelling to companies A… https://t.co/fzVdJC6Dox
digteap 2017-06-28T18:36:08 @SueAnnan ☹️some places underfunded #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T18:36:52 @GlenysHanson @teacherphili @seburnt @digteap I know. It's surprising, even today, how little equipmentcompanies provide #ELTchat
teacherphili 2017-06-28T18:37:06 @GlenysHanson @SueAnnan @seburnt @digteap iPad is so useful 4 being portable & can store lesson plans & all materia… https://t.co/Jd0SBOt5zd
digteap 2017-06-28T18:37:37 @SueAnnan @GlenysHanson true, but can so easily rearrange groups. Esp w/ modern ones w/ wheels #ELTchat
teacherphili 2017-06-28T18:38:02 Of course, i should say that "others tablets are available" ;-) #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T18:38:25 @digteap @GlenysHanson But tables are easy to rearrange. Just move the student on the end- et voila- new pairs #ELTchat
digteap 2017-06-28T18:39:20 @teacherphili @GlenysHanson @SueAnnan @seburnt yep! Teaching in classroom w/no comp/audio. Take in my own iPad. Prob solved! #ELTchat
digteap 2017-06-28T18:40:28 @SueAnnan @GlenysHanson haha! True if you just want random new pairs! But not if u have specific groupings in mind! #ELTchat
GlenysHanson 2017-06-28T18:40:49 @SueAnnan @teacherphili @seburnt @digteap In fact, a white board & markers (or blackboard and chalk) plus chairs fo… https://t.co/ZvmYtluMzc
tesolmatthew 2017-06-28T18:41:11 This is that boat: #ELTchat https://t.co/ebtFa2ddjT
tesolmatthew 2017-06-28T18:42:24 that was my "classroom" (the cap's quarters). we did tea and teaching in afternoons #ELTchat very dogme, no board, etc.
digteap 2017-06-28T18:43:03 @SueAnnan @GlenysHanson #ELTchat https://t.co/yXdDZ0oQ3f
teacherphili 2017-06-28T18:43:44 Had a 'green' blackboard n chalk in an arts uni in Beijing. Was given the smallest classroom..  (this was final les… https://t.co/rt6kGVhTdQ
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T18:44:01 @digteap @GlenysHanson NIce, but I still think the surface is a bit small #ELTchat
digteap 2017-06-28T18:45:15 @SueAnnan @GlenysHanson @teacherphili @seburnt stones tho it's just underfunded community centres.Not their fault. Gotta make do.#ELTchat
GlenysHanson 2017-06-28T18:45:55 @teacherphili @SueAnnan @seburnt @digteap I'm not agin the IT stuff - but outside the classroom not in. Ts breakdow… https://t.co/9ftsqxiXpE
digteap 2017-06-28T18:46:37 @GlenysHanson @SueAnnan @teacherphili @seburnt what wd u did if u turned up 2 teach and found there was no board?  #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T18:47:17 #ELTchat https://t.co/f7M2TlRIkR
teacherphili 2017-06-28T18:47:19 @digteap @GlenysHanson @SueAnnan @seburnt improvise, perhaps?  #eltchat
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T18:47:49 @digteap @GlenysHanson @teacherphili @seburnt Use paper #ELTchat
digteap 2017-06-28T18:48:21 @GlenysHanson @teacherphili @SueAnnan @seburnt tho.... I've rarely had IT malfunction,just during my final Delta observed lesson  #eltchat
teacherphili 2017-06-28T18:49:15 In Tanzania we had no board rubbers so we used our hands & cleaned them on the kids' hair to get rid of the chalk @RogersHistory #eltchat
fionaljp 2017-06-28T18:49:19 @digteap @SueAnnan @GlenysHanson @teacherphili @seburnt Yes, as a freelance teacher trainer I never know tech / no… https://t.co/K5AyUM04Qb
GlenysHanson 2017-06-28T18:50:03 @SueAnnan @digteap I had several portable whiteboards. Very light & about the same size as my SW charts. Also carri… https://t.co/Hp7aDRuej2
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T18:51:03 @GlenysHanson @digteap That's where an Ipad comes into its own. Brilliant for illustrating things #ELTchat
digteap 2017-06-28T18:51:33 @GlenysHanson @SueAnnan oh portable WBs! are they really thin and roll-up-able? #ELTchat
teacherphili 2017-06-28T18:51:35 I dunno. You 'kids' with your paper and your pens ;-) #ELTchat
GlenysHanson 2017-06-28T18:52:04 @teacherphili Looks familiar - they have them in unis in France. If you run out of space you can pull down more. #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T18:52:21 @digteap @GlenysHanson Those are cool. But you used to get mini erasable boards #ELTchat
digteap 2017-06-28T18:52:31 @SueAnnan @GlenysHanson oh you know what? I'd love one of those HUGE iPad pros? Are they heavy? #ELTchat
teacherphili 2017-06-28T18:52:41 @GlenysHanson ah what you see here is what i had. the room was very narrow - can't tell from this pic. #eltchat
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T18:53:09 @teacherphili @GlenysHanson pic? #ELTchat
teacherphili 2017-06-28T18:54:13 i shared it earlier @SueAnnan but here's another from same room in  Beijing.  #eltchat https://t.co/XmYWhu06Zq
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T18:54:59 Coming to the end of this chat. Who fancies doing the summary?#ELTchat Will send transcript after slowburn
GlenysHanson 2017-06-28T18:55:04 @digteap @SueAnnan @teacherphili @seburnt I prefer to have a board, but it's not essential. I've tried Suggestopedi… https://t.co/CyRgoL3lGM
digteap 2017-06-28T18:55:43 @teacherphili @SueAnnan wow is that your board writing? #ELTchat
teacherphili 2017-06-28T18:56:15 @SueAnnan Not me i'm afraid. too busy.  (although i need to do just 1 more for my bronze medal) #ELTchat
GlenysHanson 2017-06-28T18:56:20 @SueAnnan @digteap That's a neat way to answer! #ELTchat
teacherphili 2017-06-28T18:56:35 @digteap @SueAnnan yes, maria #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T18:57:11 #ELTchat Mine is all over the place https://t.co/wCWRGcWKma
digteap 2017-06-28T18:57:22 @teacherphili @SueAnnan I'm impressed! #ELTchat
teacherphili 2017-06-28T18:58:11 @digteap @SueAnnan I'm more digital these days, but still do the odd bit of freehand writing on the board.  No IWB… https://t.co/3dMAv5i1wf
Marisa_C 2017-06-28T18:58:46 @teacherphili You look sooo cute!!! Sorry I missed #ELTchat today - will try the slowburn to pick up what was said
teacherphili 2017-06-28T18:59:06 @Marisa_C and THIN!!!! #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T18:59:22 @Marisa_C @teacherphili Hey Flower #ELTchat Nice to see you, if only fleetingly
digteap 2017-06-28T18:59:46 @GlenysHanson @teacherphili @SueAnnan @seburnt it's gd tho 2 use IT in room(not bedroom, Tyson!) as it models 2 sts wht 2 do w/ it #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T19:00:20 @digteap @GlenysHanson @teacherphili @seburnt LOL #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2017-06-28T19:00:21 @SueAnnan @teacherphili long day - dropped off for 3 mins - gone for two hours #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T19:00:49 @Marisa_C @teacherphili Good chat. We kept the end up #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T19:02:24 Thank you  for your contributions. Slowburn has started so you can continue for 24 hours. Message if you want to write the summary #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2017-06-28T19:02:40 @SueAnnan @teacherphili sorry I missed it #eltchat always a high point of my week :-(  (been slipping this week)
GlenysHanson 2017-06-28T19:02:51 @digteap @SueAnnan I made them myself with vinyl on drawing paper. With a different backing I imagine you could roll them up. #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T19:03:24 @Marisa_C @teacherphili Been busy? #ELTchat
digteap 2017-06-28T19:06:06 @GlenysHanson @SueAnnan wow! #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2017-06-28T19:06:23 Bye everyone. Must go and feed hungry family #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2017-06-28T19:06:43 @SueAnnan @teacherphili High season here - like a summer resort!!! :-) #eltchat
GlenysHanson 2017-06-28T19:07:18 @Marisa_C @SueAnnan @teacherphili Of mine too! #ELTchat
GlenysHanson 2017-06-28T19:11:19 @SueAnnan @digteap You've convinced me of a use for iPads & WBs in the classroom. #ELTchat
fionaljp 2017-06-28T19:11:41 @SueAnnan Bye Sue Thanks #ELTchat
GlenysHanson 2017-06-28T19:12:42 @fionaljp @SueAnnan Bye everyone! #ELTchat
teacherphili 2017-06-28T20:03:31 @NikkiFortova Other than that, everything's lovely  #eltchat
tesolmatthew 2017-06-28T23:25:52 Stop the presses!!! This #ELTchat may have knocked the planet just slightly off its axis!  https://t.co/3oUJpUwWvq
tesolmatthew 2017-06-28T23:29:09 @Marisa_C @teacherphili Me too, tho I dictated the topic I ended up being very busy today so could only drop in!!Go… https://t.co/10I2DOCq1x
tesolmatthew 2017-06-28T23:30:00 Nice #ELTwhiteboard in today's #ELTchat from @teacherphili https://t.co/oI8Qwqb7ZO
tesolmatthew 2017-06-28T23:31:11 Another #ELTchat #ELTwhiteboard they were bound to come up with today's topic :D https://t.co/mTPDDL2Tmo
tesolmatthew 2017-06-29T00:37:54 I hope @jimscriv doesn't mind me sharing few pages from his (wonderful!) book for #ELTchat slowburn on topic of cla… https://t.co/JGhWsBquug
tesolmatthew 2017-06-29T00:39:22 Wait...what!?! #ELTchat https://t.co/Uv5spm4Kuz
tesolmatthew 2017-06-29T00:43:51 @seburnt @digteap @teacherphili @SueAnnan @GlenysHanson #ELTchat https://t.co/jPq2NixJTY
tesolmatthew 2017-06-29T00:46:46 Huh...did you feel a tiny bit like you were an exotic Canadian animal in a zoo maybe #ELTchat https://t.co/25Sk2sIuXy
tesolmatthew 2017-06-29T00:47:40 Heh #shutdown #nodiningroomforyou #ELTchat https://t.co/Nmzg8w6gCd
tesolmatthew 2017-06-29T00:48:26 #pillarELT < there's some wordplay in there somewhere  #ELTchat https://t.co/O4iUuOv8aa
tesolmatthew 2017-06-29T00:49:43 @digteap @teacherphili @seburnt @SueAnnan @GlenysHanson I love the online space for webinars n PD courses but have… https://t.co/PFxw9AV5PV
tesolmatthew 2017-06-29T00:50:24 #ELTchat hashtag pweeze ✍️ https://t.co/cowu699MYf
tesolmatthew 2017-06-29T00:51:43 @compellingtalks @jimscriv Great point #ELTchat classrooms need to fit usage, language class requires adaptability… https://t.co/DneuiWMBlk
tesolmatthew 2017-06-29T00:53:08 I took my students out often in Chinatown in Boston #ELTchat took a while to feel like field trips really worked pe… https://t.co/Agh5DapQF8
compellingtalks 2017-06-29T00:53:15 #ELTchat Can we also lobby for more schools to adopt best practices & modern furniture? Card tables & chairs w/whee… https://t.co/fLDBFcOd9O
tesolmatthew 2017-06-29T00:53:36 #ELTchat shifted towards doing much more pre-trip language prep stuff and it got better
tesolmatthew 2017-06-29T00:55:07 Aha! I found my pic of the ULTIMATE out-of-classroom scene. Raymond Murphy grammar study IN A WATERFALL #ELTchat… https://t.co/PbpkXnuRGu
tesolmatthew 2017-06-29T00:56:22 This was a test day at a high school in Thailand #ELTchat though a few of my classes and classrooms for close in si… https://t.co/pP3NJwAAmw
tesolmatthew 2017-06-29T00:58:06 Here's my ESOL program classroom in Salem, MA anybody know what I made for the wall above there? #ELTchat https://t.co/NQed1SR4IN
robshpprd 2017-06-29T01:02:39 @tesolmatthew For years I've dreamt of a classroom with yoga balls and modular tables on wheels. #eltchat
tesolmatthew 2017-06-29T01:04:01 @robshpprd Didn't they do that in them 1970s with Bach on? #designerELTapproaches #ELTchat
robshpprd 2017-06-29T01:05:59 @tesolmatthew Tried following it up with the language experience approach? #ELTchat
tesolmatthew 2017-06-29T01:07:54 Yup! It's great! #ELTchat https://t.co/9awt655SGA
robshpprd 2017-06-29T01:11:05 @digteap @teacherphili @SueAnnan @GlenysHanson Used to do weekly ESL walks through the neighborhood w/ student ques… https://t.co/ZGYR7hXsx9
FizzicsEd 2017-06-29T01:51:04 How nySci uses #disted to engage studentshttps://t.co/O9i4dV7oNk#eltchat #k12 #museum https://t.co/sGqPtUVr7Z
tesolmatthew 2017-06-29T02:14:58 More non-classroom experience: worked mostly in the editing room but occasionally on set of a TV show #ELTchat https://t.co/x0mhG8dhG5
ElleninEdmonton 2017-06-29T03:01:15 @seburnt @SueAnnan @digteap @teacherphili @GlenysHanson In Asian schools, management likes to display #pinkpeople f… https://t.co/EO3YmPzG96
CorineMerrill32 2017-06-29T03:33:44 RT @compellingtalks: #ELTchat Can we also lobby for more schools to adopt best practices & modern furniture? Card tables & chairs w/wheels…
LeoWill11 2017-06-29T04:36:55 @ddeubel Rather disagree. What makes you feel this way? #ELTchat
kamilaofprague 2017-06-29T07:19:57 @SueAnnan When I first started-age 20 I taught just friends in my parents' kitchen and my Mum let them and made … https://t.co/OmgNqERAwF
TeresaBestwick 2017-06-29T07:43:49 @seburnt @digteap @teacherphili @SueAnnan @GlenysHanson Same here (and a kitchen for 1-2-1s).  Reading everyone's e… https://t.co/2AcqqhH4Lu
TeresaBestwick 2017-06-29T07:45:08 @SueAnnan I need something to write on - board is good for bigger groups, piece of paper or mini WB for 1-2-1 #eltchat
TeresaBestwick 2017-06-29T07:48:15 @SueAnnan @teacherphili @seburnt @digteap @GlenysHanson My partner (non-teacher, works from home) doesn't like 1-2-… https://t.co/i4I4FTr1vR
SueAnnan 2017-06-29T07:49:47 @TeresaBestwick @teacherphili @seburnt @digteap @GlenysHanson Mine disappears into his man cave #eltchat
TeresaBestwick 2017-06-29T07:52:41 @digteap @GlenysHanson @SueAnnan You can laminate paper to make a mini WB, or even cheaper version, piece of paper in poly pocket #eltchat
lexicojules 2017-06-29T08:03:35 @seburnt @digteap @teacherphili @SueAnnan @GlenysHanson I used to teach Business Eng, so various offices, a bank, a… https://t.co/yuXWBEsjGq
lexicojules 2017-06-29T08:08:55 @kamilaofprague The concert hall was the Rudolfinum in Prague ... used to arrive at 7.30am when it was empty #eltchat
ELTdanbuller 2017-06-29T09:59:57 Libraries, coffee shops, kitchen tables, classrooms. Favorite days were sending Ss out to do surveys in student center area. #eltchat
ELTdanbuller 2017-06-29T10:03:18 Packed rooms are best - large or small. Worst is to have big space with few Ss. Hard to fill empty space w/energy #eltchat


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