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What have we got to look forward to - and what are we returning with this year

Page history last edited by sue annan 7 years, 2 months ago
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Marisa_C 2016-09-14T17:59:09 Almost time for kick off - anyone there? Glass of wine or tea or whatever makes you happy in hand? #ELTchat birthday today! In some places
SueAnnan 2016-09-14T17:59:47 @Marisa_C Hi Marisa Mou #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:00:39 @SueAnnan Hya!!! So good to see you (or E-see you as@neghavati calls it :-) #ELTchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:00:51 @SueAnnan @Marisa_C Hi gals! Here and excited to be back after the longest break ever it seems #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2016-09-14T18:01:08 @Marisa_C How is the new school coming along? #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:01:20 @fwalkerbcn You couldn't mess up if you tried - we'll look after  you - welcome!!! #eltchat
thebestticher 2016-09-14T18:02:37 I'm here, although may end up having a bit of a break for dinner! #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:02:45 @Hada_ELT Hello there!!!  Yes it was!! I wish it means you were on a sunny beach but seriously doubt it #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2016-09-14T18:03:07 Hi Ellie #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:03:21 @SueAnnan New school is FAbulous!!! We love it and can't get enough of it :-) #ELTchat
fwalkerbcn 2016-09-14T18:03:50 Yayy! Hi everyone! #ELTchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:03:52 @Marisa_C Hehe you know I was sweating my b*** off for 4 weeks, but apart from that, yes, the beach, sun, food and lots of calories #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2016-09-14T18:03:53 @Marisa_C will get to visit it at some point :-) #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:03:54 @thebestticher  bring dinner to the #eltchat !
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:04:10 @fwalkerbcn Hi Frances! #ELTchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:04:27 @thebestticher Hi Elly! #ELTchat
GlenysHanson 2016-09-14T18:04:49 Hi everybody #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:04:50 @fwalkerbcn just make sure you paste #ELTchat on every tweet - copy and keep :-)
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:05:16 #Eltchat and food! Great combo  https://t.co/24Ee85e3nZ
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:05:35 @GlenysHanson Hi Glenys! #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:05:51 @Hada_ELT we didn't stop at all - courses back to back - all of us pretty exhausted! #eltchat - i only had one week of a break really
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:06:09 #ELTchat  https://t.co/poUIiGaHLx
GlenysHanson 2016-09-14T18:06:31 @Marisa_C @fwalkerbcn Or use Nurph - and it will do it for you:https://t.co/XtzgUG5E6d #ELTchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:06:50 @Marisa_C Hope this means you'll be having one soon tho... How's your orchid? Any time to pamper it? #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:07:28 @Hada_ELT sending you a pic - it's fabulous! #ELTchat
thebestticher 2016-09-14T18:07:42 @Marisa_C ;) I'll give it a go! #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:07:49 @GlenysHanson @fwalkerbcn good idea  - will you are right - going to nurph meself #eltchat
kanibard 2016-09-14T18:07:53 Hi there , how can you start  #ELTchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:07:57 Great for anyone not ure or lazy about adding the hashtag #eltchat Thanks Glenys! https://t.co/sutcfUuxNj
GlenysHanson 2016-09-14T18:08:04 Hi there Hada! My b*** are pretty sore too but no valid excuse. #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2016-09-14T18:09:04 It's levely to catch up after the summer  #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2016-09-14T18:09:20 lovely even :-) #ELTchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:09:30 @kanibard you can go here https://t.co/Hw1sC4I2Hg and join the #ELTchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:10:14 Yes it is! #ELTchat  https://t.co/MYqSUwh61t
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:11:06 Hello there if you join here https://t.co/MJNLYdwve7 then you don't need to worry about the hashtag #ELTchat
thebestticher 2016-09-14T18:11:24 Giving nurph a go for the first time ;) #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:11:37 Heya can see you on nurph  #ELTchat
thebestticher 2016-09-14T18:11:51 Actually this looks far easier to follow! I normally get a bit lost! :D #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2016-09-14T18:11:51 It Makes life easy Elly #ELTchat
kanibard 2016-09-14T18:11:57 Hello everyone it is nice to attend the first ELat chat I'm EFL teacher in Kurdistan #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:12:09 @fwalkerbcn Frances try it https://t.co/MJNLYdwve7 #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2016-09-14T18:12:13 Welcome Kanibard #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:12:20 Hi there and welcome  #ELTchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:12:40 @kanibard Welcome Sangar. #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:13:06 Our topic tonight is rather broad and allows commenting on any new things, ideas, projects you are going back to school with  #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2016-09-14T18:13:47 I'm doing a course on stress management and balance with @NellieMueller #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:13:58 I was hoping Matthew would be here - he suggested the topic  #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:14:15 @SueAnnan so how's that what are you learning Sue #ELTchat
GlenysHanson 2016-09-14T18:14:22 @thebestticher and @DavinnaArtibey You have to login to Nurph with Twitter to be able to write and not just view. #ELTchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:14:48 That sounds great Sue. Have you started yet? How long is the course? #ELTchat  https://t.co/J259WdjoeM
SueAnnan 2016-09-14T18:15:05 Learning about managing stress, mindfulness, and making small adaptations to my day at the moment #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:15:07 @Refthinking @sylviaduckworth we are in the middle of a chat pls do not post with our hashtag  #ELTchat
thebestticher 2016-09-14T18:15:17 @GlenysHanson @DavinnaArtibey Can you see my posts ok? Think I've signed in correctly! #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2016-09-14T18:15:30 Yes we can #ELTchat
GlenysHanson 2016-09-14T18:15:45 @thebestticher yes, I can too. #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:15:50 @thebestticher @GlenysHanson  can too  #ELTchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:16:01 @kanibard Either follow here https://t.co/Hw1sC4I2Hg or on Twitter and use the hashtag #ELTchat It's that simple. Maybe just read to start
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:16:11 HI Davina! Welcome back  #ELTchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:16:36 @kanibard You can respond to any tweet or write your own using the hashtag #eltchat and it will appear on our feed.
DavinnaArtibey 2016-09-14T18:16:58 @thebestticher @GlenysHanson Yes, I can see your posts. I've logged in too so I'm not sure why it shows us below the line? #ELTchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:17:16 @DavinnaArtibey @thebestticher @GlenysHanson Hi Davina! #ELTchat
DavinnaArtibey 2016-09-14T18:17:17 @Marisa_C Thanks, Marisa! #ELTchat
thebestticher 2016-09-14T18:17:36 Good :) I've moved back to the UK and am now working at a new school - so lots of changes! #ELTchat
DavinnaArtibey 2016-09-14T18:17:46 @Hada_ELT Hi Hada!  #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:17:49 So, tomorrow is our 6th birthday! DId you know that we got started in 2010 on September 15?  #ELTchat
GlenysHanson 2016-09-14T18:18:15 @thebestticher I don't know why Nurph still places you "below the salt". Weird! #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:18:38 @mildredsamano that is perfectly ok i can see everyone's tweets  #ELTchat
DavinnaArtibey 2016-09-14T18:18:43 @GlenysHanson @thebestticher Maybe it's because we're newbies and on probation? ;-) #ELTchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:18:44 I'm excited about starting my new career as a CELTA tutor on the 24th this month. Loved the training so defo a new motivvated start #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2016-09-14T18:19:08 Brilliant @HadaLitim  #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:19:08 for me the biggest thing was the move to our new premises - I hadn't realised how a new space can inspire  you  #ELTchat
thebestticher 2016-09-14T18:19:15 :) #ELTchat
GlenysHanson 2016-09-14T18:19:16 @DavinnaArtibey @thebestticher LOL #ELTchat
DavinnaArtibey 2016-09-14T18:19:33 I just moved to Leeds from the U.S. for the M.A. ELT / Delta program. Super excited. #ELTchat
thebestticher 2016-09-14T18:19:54 Everyone's doing things that are so exciting! :D :D :D #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2016-09-14T18:20:04 Sorry I just saw your question @Hada_ELT  It's a 5 week course and this is week 2 #ELTchat
harrisonmike 2016-09-14T18:20:06 @hada_elt where did you do the train the trainer course, Hada? Good luck! #eltchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:20:10 @DavinnaArtibey Great - @Angelos_Bollas did his MA there tho his Delta he did with me  #ELTchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:20:12 That's great @Marisa_C We should  'tag' the original contributors and get a word from them #eltchat https://t.co/keu6kCayvY
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:21:09 I have a video of our 1st birthday celebration in Second Life - anyone want to watch it?  #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2016-09-14T18:21:29 I've seen that. It's fun to watch #ELTchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:21:29 @harrisonmike @hada_elt Thanks Mike. I did it here in Jeddah with the BC where I work. My tutor was @MissyBlanchard from Texas #ELTchat
DavinnaArtibey 2016-09-14T18:21:35 @Marisa_C @Angelos_Bollas Cool. I didn't know that. I was inspired to do this program by @LizziePinard #ELTchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:22:04 Do you have a lonk for it. It sounds  like something I need #ELTchat  https://t.co/11u9atQy2s
harrisonmike 2016-09-14T18:22:04 I’m teaching Entry 1 teenagers in West London. Already pretty challenging, but will be interesting! #eltchat @hada_elt
naomishema 2016-09-14T18:22:06 Hi all and a big "MAZAL TOV" TO #ELTchat for it's birthday!
mildredsamano 2016-09-14T18:22:42 Thank you @Marisa_C  you are a great inspiration and I learn so much from you , well this year is a huge change and challenge #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:22:43 @harrisonmike Hey Mike - it sounded QUITE challenging the other day - saw one of ur FB updates!  #ELTchat
naomishema 2016-09-14T18:22:59 sorry for typo, #eltchat of course I meant "its birthday"
harrisonmike 2016-09-14T18:23:05 @hada_elt @missyblanchard cool! I never managed to get on the CELTA trainer pathway at my old college #eltchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:23:13 Hi @naomishema How are you? Nice break? Back at work? #ELTchat  https://t.co/5ENqNiXmHh
SueAnnan 2016-09-14T18:23:22 Hi Naomi #ELTchat
mildredsamano 2016-09-14T18:23:41 Teaching toddlers and kids I used to teach teens but so far I like it any suggestions I will appreciate #ELTchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:23:54 @harrisonmike @hada_elt @missyblanchard ...never to late methinks, right? #ELTchat
harrisonmike 2016-09-14T18:24:17 @marisa_c yep haha, taught on Mon, 1 more hr than I expected 10.30-4.30 and have a ‘lively’ group of teens! #eltchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:24:59 @mildredsamano Hi Mildred! Toddlers and kids..wow. Are you enjoying it? Big change>. #ELTchat
VassiliadouM 2016-09-14T18:25:09 RT @Marisa_C: Kicking off the fall #ELTchat season  @GlenysHanson 's  summary of our "Pictures in Class'  https://t.co/yfiHuo1Sg6  - Awesom…
naomishema 2016-09-14T18:25:11 We're having a huge upheaval at school. Ts work 40 hour work week so as 2 get paid for prep time. Hard 2 be so long at school. #ELTchat
thebestticher 2016-09-14T18:25:16 I'm teaching mainly adults (with a few teens) having spent the last academic year teaching only kids :) #ELTchat
musenz 2016-09-14T18:25:48 Hi all, 2:24am in China. Been a while since I visited #ELTchat "teens" rrrrrr
naomishema 2016-09-14T18:26:04 @thebestticher Teaching adults can be a nice change! #ELTchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:26:16 @harrisonmike @hada_elt That sounds exciting still. Teens are great #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2016-09-14T18:26:19 My colleagues are coming to the end of their DipTESOL which I've been running for the first time. #ELTchat
thebestticher 2016-09-14T18:26:22 @naomishema It is, actually! #ELTchat
harrisonmike 2016-09-14T18:26:25 @hada_elt @missyblanchard isn’t it the case that you have to teach somewhere and wait in line to be trained up? #eltchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:26:34 @musenz Welcome - long time no see - we are such a mixed bunch of people it's great!  #ELTchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:26:40 @sheena1667 Aww thanks Sheena )) #ELTchat
harrisonmike 2016-09-14T18:27:20 @hada_elt yep, sure it will be fun. Just need to adjust my style and planning slightly #eltchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:27:24 @SueAnnan how are you getting on with that? Hard work huh?  #ELTchat
fwalkerbcn 2016-09-14T18:27:32 Giving up on nurph for now. I'm in right place but can't see comments, unless I use my mobile phone and a microscope! :-)  #ELTchat
musenz 2016-09-14T18:27:43 #ELTchat mmmm well, I use discipline. Speak Chinese and I kick em out of the class. Seems to get their attention.
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:27:48 @thebestticher I really enjoyed the switch when it happened for me in 2008 - I never looked back hehe - #ELTchat Do you like it?
SueAnnan 2016-09-14T18:28:09 It was a big learning curve. But now that it's nearly finished, I can say I enjoyed it- mostly #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:28:18 @musenz no worries just make sure u type in the #eltchat hashtag just copy it and paste on every tweet  #ELTchat
thebestticher 2016-09-14T18:28:30 @Hada_ELT Both are good I guess, just different! I previously taught all age groups for four years, only did one year of just kids. #ELTchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:28:45 @harrisonmike @hada_elt Yes, definitely...enjoy! #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2016-09-14T18:28:55 @thebestticher I prefer a mix too #ELTchat
taw_sig 2016-09-14T18:29:11 hi #eltchat nice to see buzz 4 new ventures; maybe it can energise us to start/and or continue organising for better conditions : )
sheena1667 2016-09-14T18:29:33 Hello everyone welcome back #ELTChat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:29:57 @mildredsamano thanks Mildred - sorry just spotted your comment - am about to kick off a new course on teaching children  #ELTchat
GlenysHanson 2016-09-14T18:30:14 @fwalkerbcn On Mac, I find I have to use Chrome (not Firefox) for Nurph to work. #ELTchat
kanibard 2016-09-14T18:30:14 Kochar Azad please find the live chat #eltchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:30:16 @mildredsamano they take so much energy it's  like u re going down a vorted  #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:30:19 vortex #ELTchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:30:28 @mildredsamano Lol that's a nice way to put it. I no longer have that type of energy but the love you get from them is priceless #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:31:02 @sheena1667 hey Sheena - welcome  #ELTchat
fwalkerbcn 2016-09-14T18:31:07 One of my favourite classes last year was at a school for motorbike mechanics here in Barcelona. Teaching them again this year! #eltchat
KocharAzad 2016-09-14T18:31:20 RT @kanibard: Kochar Azad please find the live chat #eltchat
SueAnnan 2016-09-14T18:31:33 @fwalkerbcn That sounds like fun #ELTchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:31:39 @kanibard If they're on Twitter, write a tweet using their handle (twitter name) and the hashtag #eltchat with your message. That should do
sheena1667 2016-09-14T18:32:25 @Marisa_C Hi very excited to hear from you #ELTChat
fwalkerbcn 2016-09-14T18:32:37 @GlenysHanson Thanks Glenys! I tried both #eltchat
thebestticher 2016-09-14T18:32:45 @mildredsamano For teaching kids or adults? :) #ELTchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:32:55 @fwalkerbcn Wow that sounds great. Was it a GE class? What level? Why was it your fave? Motorbike mechanics! So interesting #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:33:29 Hey everyone - do please have a look at @GlenysHanson 's summary of our chat on using pics - it's an awesome list of great ideas!  #ELTchat
musenz 2016-09-14T18:33:34 I'm lost. What's the question/topic? #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2016-09-14T18:33:36 What does everyone have in the pipeline for this year? #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2016-09-14T18:34:11 Well done @GlenysHanson  Thanks for the summary #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:34:27 @musenz "What experiences, emotions, new perspectives, changes, or challenges are we coming (back) to work with?"  #ELTchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:35:13 I'm hoping to travel to complete my 3 ACT courses. It'd be nicer than doing thm all here and that's abt it #ELTchat  https://t.co/LwOKFbk47j
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:35:31 @SueAnnan What about you? #ELTchat
fwalkerbcn 2016-09-14T18:35:34 @Hada_ELT Adults from 18-45. Beg. to advanced! Real challenge. Had to create a course from scratch - no materials I could copy :-( #eltchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:35:35 @musenz It's a really a free-for-all and how-happy-we-are=-to-be-back-together sort of chat. And it IS #ELtchat's SIXTH BIRTHDAY  #ELTchat
naomishema 2016-09-14T18:35:54 If my class actually does get a few promised ipads, we won't have wifi. Do U think will still be useful? #eltchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:36:07 @fwalkerbcn What made it your fave? The students? #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:36:33 @Hada_ELT I thought regulations had changed - you have to stay with your centre for two years. Didn't you know?  #ELTchat
harrisonmike 2016-09-14T18:37:18 @naomishema there’s a lot you could do – recording sounds, shooting video, mini whiteboards #eltchat
SueAnnan 2016-09-14T18:37:20 @Hada_ELT Same old-same old. Will be starting a Cert in a couple of weeks and then going off to Munich to the BEsig conference #ELTchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:37:20 @Marisa_C I sort of heard that but I was told by my manager that I could do some abroad, it might be other BC centres. #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:37:36 @Hada_ELT @Angelos_Bollas is on his second course after his training but has a way to go  #ELTchat
taw_sig 2016-09-14T18:37:39 happy birthday #ELTchat
fwalkerbcn 2016-09-14T18:37:48 Bags of CPD for me this year: CertICT in Oct. Can't wait! Also, learning how to set myself up online. #eltchat
SueAnnan 2016-09-14T18:37:52 Hi Paul #ELTchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:37:54 @SueAnnan I like your same ol' stuff hehe #ELTchat
GlenysHanson 2016-09-14T18:38:05 @kanibard Great banner photo on your site. #ELTchat
harrisonmike 2016-09-14T18:38:07 @naomishema do you know how you will update them? wired connection to a pc? #eltchat
thebestticher 2016-09-14T18:38:09 I'm starting volunteering with @nickbilbrough and a video teaching project, and hopefully doing my DELTA relatively soon! #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:38:12 @Hada_ELT the BC lives by other regulations than the rest of us mere mortals I guess  #ELTchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:38:38 @naomishema Definitely, using the tools and apps alone gives endless possibilities #ELTchat
fionaljp 2016-09-14T18:38:41 Happy 6th birthday #ELTchatand hello all
musenz 2016-09-14T18:38:45 Erm I am using drawing more and more in class, and trying to get sts to keep learning journals #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2016-09-14T18:38:51 I want to go over to the Jungle in Calais and volunteer to teach refugee women too. Maybe around December time #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:38:51 @fwalkerbcn sounds like exciting times  #ELTchat
naomishema 2016-09-14T18:39:11 @harrisonmike I don't know anything yet.till now there was talk of wifi but now the school is against it. health hazard 4 students. #ELTchat
ELTchat 2016-09-14T18:39:12 @fionaljp Thank you Fiona! #ELTchat
thebestticher 2016-09-14T18:39:21 @SueAnnan Sounds awesome! I'm getting involved in a refugee teaching project too :) #ELTchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:39:23 Go @angelos_bollas !! Where is he btw? #ELTchat  https://t.co/LdhKYBHoA9
ELTchat 2016-09-14T18:39:49 @Hada_ELT @angelos_bollas is in a meeting will pick up the slow burn leg of the chat  #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2016-09-14T18:39:53 Fab. Perhaps we could share notes @thebestticher  #ELTchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:39:55 It sounds like it I'm afraid. #ELTchat  https://t.co/zdiIYbGo0j
naomishema 2016-09-14T18:40:01 @kanibard I teach deaf students but otherwise bring on the ideas, thank you! #ELTchat
thebestticher 2016-09-14T18:40:12 @SueAnnan That would be great :) #ELTchat
harrisonmike 2016-09-14T18:40:14 @naomishema wifi is a health hazard? #eltchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:40:22 @ELTchat @angelos_bollas Will catch up then perhaps. #ELTchat
musenz 2016-09-14T18:40:38 @SueAnnan When is the Besig conference? #eltchat
SueAnnan 2016-09-14T18:41:07 4-6 November @musenz  #ELTchat
fwalkerbcn 2016-09-14T18:41:19 Sorry! Didn't realise how ENORMOUS that photo would be!!! Can I delete it? #eltchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:41:22 Hahaha.. there had to be something connecting you to them hehe #eltchat  https://t.co/hsU6ILFQfT
musenz 2016-09-14T18:41:22 @fwalkerbcn @Hada_ELT cool! #eltchat
sheena1667 2016-09-14T18:41:37 That's great  #ELTchat
naomishema 2016-09-14T18:41:47 @harrisonmike the radiation is considered harmful for growing children even though they are glued to cell phones. Parents worried. #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:41:51 @musenz learning journals sounds like a nice idea - I once knew a teacher who corresponded with all her students  #ELTchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:42:33 @fwalkerbcn Wow! That's a serious bike. Was it yours? I'm jealous #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:42:45 @fwalkerbcn no worries  #ELTchat
harrisonmike 2016-09-14T18:42:52 @naomishema ah I see. I find that quite a stretch, since they’ve prob been surrounded by cell phone radiation far longer #eltchat
naomishema 2016-09-14T18:42:57 @Marisa_C @musenz  Edmodo is helpful for journaling with students. #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:43:27 RT @naomishema @Marisa_C @musenz  Edmodo is helpful for journaling with students. > hey Naomi mou  #ELTchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:43:32 @fwalkerbcn You're going to love the online CPD stuff - there's no end to it. It's brilliant #ELTchat
fwalkerbcn 2016-09-14T18:44:02 @Hada_ELT @Hada_ELT Yes the students! Plus I used to be a bit of a biker chick, So the subject matter was interesting #eltchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:44:18 @fwalkerbcn used to be a biker too  in another life - nostalgia.....  #ELTchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:44:37 @thebestticher @nickbilbrough Delta is a biggie that's great. When and where? Brace yourself for a great experience #ELTchat
fwalkerbcn 2016-09-14T18:45:25 @Hada_ELT I know! 'Teaching Live Online' course starting tomorrow! Do you teach a lot online? #eltchat
thebestticher 2016-09-14T18:45:29 @Hada_ELT Thanks Hada! My new school is also a Delta training centre so hopefully there, starting in January #ELTchat
thebestticher 2016-09-14T18:45:43 @fwalkerbcn @Hada_ELT Ooo, what course is that? Sounds interesting! #ELTchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:46:08 @naomishema @Marisa_C @musenz Apparently Socrative is the buzz app atm #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2016-09-14T18:46:17 @fwalkerbcn Who are you doing it with? #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:46:25 I want to do a Moodle course - you figure Nellie is the one? @SueAnnan ? #ELTchat
musenz 2016-09-14T18:46:30 @Marisa_C @naomishema hey, yes. We use wechat. But I prefer the old style with colouring in pens, pencils etc So do sts. #eltchat
SueAnnan 2016-09-14T18:46:43 Yes. Nellie is so supportive @Marisa_C  #ELTchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:46:50 What a bonus that is for you. You're gonna love it. All the best #ELTchat  https://t.co/pa9IC165m0
naomishema 2016-09-14T18:46:59 @musenz @Marisa_C what age are the students? #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:47:18 @SueAnnan I know - she upgraded my moodle website to the very latest update but now i need to relearn it :-D  #ELTchat
fwalkerbcn 2016-09-14T18:47:20 @Hada_ELT Yes! my beautiful Princess! Alas, too expensive to look after, so I now have good walking shoes instead! Not the same :-( #eltchat
taw_sig 2016-09-14T18:47:29 #eltchat nice to see colleagues' enthusiasms for back to work; also am thinking about colleagues who won't have work to get back to
naomishema 2016-09-14T18:47:31 @Hada_ELT @Marisa_C @musenz I don't recall why but I never started using socrative... #ELTchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:48:01 @fwalkerbcn No I don't but I've studied a lot online & love it. I still do. There's always a new course or someth I feel I MUST do #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:48:21 @naomishema @Hada_ELT @musenz i want to learn to use kahoot - anyone up for a trial when i get it together?  #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2016-09-14T18:48:35 What does Kahoot do? #ELTchat
fwalkerbcn 2016-09-14T18:48:36 @SueAnnan Hi Sue! Both courses with 'The Consultants-E'. Can't wait! #eltchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:49:00 @SueAnnan online noisy and fun competitions  #ELTchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:49:11 @Marisa_C @naomishema @musenz Yes, Kahoot is another I keep hearing about. I'll watch this space for more on that, hehe #ELTchat
LismaniVasiliki 2016-09-14T18:49:19 hi everyone! it's my very first time in this chat room so i hope i do it the right way!!! #eltchat
SueAnnan 2016-09-14T18:49:22 I did a course with them in the past- very professional :-) @fwalkerbcn  #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2016-09-14T18:49:54 Welcome @LismaniVasiliki  #ELTchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:49:57 @naomishema @Marisa_C @musenz We had an Inset on it a couple of weeks ago. It's meant to be great. Not sure at all tho #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:50:08 @LismaniVasiliki Hey Vasiliki - pls welcome her - she is a newb fresh out of one of our summer CELTA courses  #ELTchat
DavinnaArtibey 2016-09-14T18:50:21 @taw_sig Can you tell us more about "colleagues who won't have work to get back to?" #ELTchat
fwalkerbcn 2016-09-14T18:50:43 @thebestticher @Hada_ELT 'Teaching Live Online' run by 'The Consultants-E' #eltchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:50:57 @fwalkerbcn Lol! I love the 'beautiful princess'! Clearly still in your heart. No wonder you loved the mechanics - brilliant #ELTchat
naomishema 2016-09-14T18:50:59 @Marisa_C It's easy to learn. Penny Ur warned that it's fun but it's learning benefits r quite limited& not 2 use it a lot. #eltchat
SueAnnan 2016-09-14T18:51:11 NIce to have one of your newbies here @Marisa_C  #ELTchat
LismaniVasiliki 2016-09-14T18:51:16 it was an experience of a lifetime!!!!#eltchat
teacherphili 2016-09-14T18:51:27 Hello & Happy 6th birthday to #ELTchat Sorry I forgot the 7pm start time! Can't really chat much as I'm cooking... dinner time.
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:51:41 Will check this out - might be another course I feel I MUST do. Lol #ELTchat  https://t.co/LZyP48E621
SueAnnan 2016-09-14T18:51:53 Hi Phil. How are things at your end? #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:51:58 @SueAnnan despite twisting their arm a lot only a few still out on Twitter :-D Good on you @LismaniVasiliki  #ELTchat
fwalkerbcn 2016-09-14T18:52:01 @Hada_ELT @Marisa_C @naomishema @musenz Kahoot's great fun for revision activities & a bit of light relief! I'm exploring Quizlet #eltchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:52:41 @teacherphili Hey there! Din dinz always a priority. Bon appetit. New week perhaps. 7pm GMT #ELTchat
LismaniVasiliki 2016-09-14T18:52:43 thanks, so inspiring!!! #eltchat
ELTchat 2016-09-14T18:52:45 @teacherphili Thank  you very much dear Phil - I miss you a lot come back  #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2016-09-14T18:52:48 @fwalkerbcn  I hear great things for quizlet, but never needed it for my short stay classes #ELTchat
taw_sig 2016-09-14T18:52:52 #eltchat @DavinnaArtibey  for example our Irish colleagues https://t.co/hDWLQaWDEN
teacherphili 2016-09-14T18:52:56 @SueAnnan OK, Sue. I forget the chat is now at 7 #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2016-09-14T18:53:38 @teacherphili Don't worry. The new time has to embed in our brains yet too #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:53:46 @taw_sig @DavinnaArtibey And many Greek colleagues - and ridiculous salaries #ELTchat
naomishema 2016-09-14T18:53:46 @fwalkerbcn @Hada_ELT @Marisa_C @musenz I use Quizlet a lot - kids practice vocab 4 tests on it on cell phones. #ELTchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:53:51 @fwalkerbcn @Marisa_C @naomishema @musenz Sounds good. Quilt's gr8. One of the best for vocabulary revision, practice games quizzes #ELTchat
DavinnaArtibey 2016-09-14T18:54:16 @Marisa_C @taw_sig Thanks for the details. Sad to hear this. #ELTchat
teacherphili 2016-09-14T18:54:30 @ELTchat I'm here.  Sorry for not taking part much recently.  Not been doing much in ELT recently but hope to be working again soon #ELTchat
musenz 2016-09-14T18:54:47 @naomishema @Marisa_C that I teach? All ages, kids to adults. Lots of sts enjoy drawing, arty stuff. #eltchat
taw_sig 2016-09-14T18:54:49 RT @Marisa_C: @taw_sig @DavinnaArtibey And many Greek colleagues - and ridiculous salaries #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:55:02 @DavinnaArtibey where are you based Davinna?  #ELTchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:56:10 Quizlet! And perhaps quilts too haha #ELTchat  - autocorrect grrr https://t.co/QvGpmca74e
naomishema 2016-09-14T18:56:35 @Hada_ELT @fwalkerbcn @Marisa_C @musenz Is this the site u r referring to? https://t.co/tnrC918UJ6 #ELTchat
musenz 2016-09-14T18:56:47 We use wechat groups. All my sts are on it. Easy to set up classes, add video, voice, docs, pictures, collab.#ELTchat
DavinnaArtibey 2016-09-14T18:57:12 @Marisa_C I just moved to Leeds, UK two days ago from Phoenix, Arizona, USA. #ELTchat
ELTchat 2016-09-14T18:57:21 We started introducing a 'slow burn' version or rather continuation of our fast 1-hour chat before the summer -  so keep talking  #ELTchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T18:57:42 @taw_sig True - sad indeed but I have faith in teachers' determination, creativity, survival skills. I'm one so I should know. #ELTchat
TESOLacademic 2016-09-14T18:57:49 Happy Birthday #ELTchat Keep up this excellent by & for #teacher #education initiative :-)
teacherphili 2016-09-14T18:58:11 @Hada_ELT I've got someone to take over 7-8pm clashes with my dinner time.  Will have 2 change my Wed priorities so can take part #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2016-09-14T18:58:14 Thanks @TESOLacademic  #ELTchat
fionaljp 2016-09-14T18:58:19 @DavinnaArtibey @Marisa_C Welcome to the UK! #ELTchat
fwalkerbcn 2016-09-14T18:58:26 I'm another Edmodo fan - great place to organise classes & materials. #eltchat
Marisa_C 2016-09-14T18:58:57 @musenz u in China?  #ELTchat
fwalkerbcn 2016-09-14T18:59:32 @DavinnaArtibey @Marisa_C Wow! Wrap up warm! Great curries in Leeds! #eltchat
ELTchat 2016-09-14T19:00:28 @TESOLacademic Thank you so much for your kind wishes!!! PLs thank Huw  #ELTchat
musenz 2016-09-14T19:00:28 @Marisa_C yes #eltchat
DavinnaArtibey 2016-09-14T19:00:31 @fwalkerbcn @Marisa_C Ha! Yes, very different wardrobe requirements here. :-) Good to know!  I LOVE curry. #ELTchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T19:00:47 @naomishema @fwalkerbcn @Marisa_C @musenz Oooh  that looks interesting but no it was actually an autocorrect typo. I meant Quizlet #ELTchat
taw_sig 2016-09-14T19:00:54 #eltchat @Hada_ELT indeed for example colleagues from Canada have organised & are winning battles https://t.co/s7lEf8ZqCM
naomishema 2016-09-14T19:01:42 @Hada_ELT @fwalkerbcn @Marisa_C @musenz Ha, mistakes can lead to interesting things! #ELTchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T19:01:51 @taw_sig More power to them and all thebest with it. #ELTchat
Hada_ELT 2016-09-14T19:02:19 @naomishema @fwalkerbcn @Marisa_C @musenz I know! How bizarre haha #ELTchat


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