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Teaching Values and Morals

Page history last edited by sue annan 8 years, 1 month ago
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angelos_bollas 2016-04-06T19:57:18 RT @SueAnnan: #ELTChat will begin in 4 minutes. Please refrain from posting anything unconnected to the discussion for the next hour. Thank…
Marisa_C 2016-04-06T19:59:17 @SueAnnan It's almost time and the topic is.....? #ELTchat  https://t.co/ynK01d5LeW
SueAnnan 2016-04-06T20:00:20 Teaching strategies to enhance morals and values in Students :-)#ELTChat
angelos_bollas 2016-04-06T20:00:48 Hello #ELTchat people! :-)
SueAnnan 2016-04-06T20:01:28 Hi Marisa and Angelos. At least we mods can have a chat #eltchat
Marisa_C 2016-04-06T20:01:45 @SueAnnan That's a tall order of a topic #Eltchat - anyone care to discuss morals and values`?
Marisa_C 2016-04-06T20:02:20 Whose morals and whose values is my first question #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2016-04-06T20:02:44 @Marisa_C and how old are the students? #eltchat
Marisa_C 2016-04-06T20:03:10 @SueAnnan @Marisa_C I would much rather not - not in the spirit in which the topic was set I think #eltchat
Marisa_C 2016-04-06T20:03:49 @SueAnnan Well let's see if we have any takers first shall we #eltchat
angelos_bollas 2016-04-06T20:04:41 @Marisa_C @SueAnnan Where's everyone tonight? #eltchat
Marisa_C 2016-04-06T20:06:12 No I think people are tetchy abt teaching morals - may be some values, such as peace and kindness etc #eltchat
SueAnnan 2016-04-06T20:07:08 six minutes in- no takers? #eltchat
angelos_bollas 2016-04-06T20:07:08 @Marisa_C It could get very patronising, I guess. #eltchat
patjack67 2016-04-06T20:08:57 Teaching values very much part of most courses for young learners now #eltchat (Hi all - just passing by)
angelos_bollas 2016-04-06T20:09:36 @patjack67 Hi Patrick - Do you mean the 'Life Skills' trend? #eltchat
SueAnnan 2016-04-06T20:09:44 @patjack67 Hi Pat. #eltchat
Marisa_C 2016-04-06T20:09:49 @patjack67 Values yes but morals seems a bit dangerous - and whose values also at issue #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-04-06T20:10:28 @angelos_bollas @SueAnnan threaded discussion on facebook topic wa a good one but did not get voted #eltchat
patjack67 2016-04-06T20:10:58 @Marisa_C What's the difference between morals and values? #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-04-06T20:11:02 @patjack67 three mods one passer by - this has NEVER happened! #eltchat
SueAnnan 2016-04-06T20:11:47 perhaps everyone is at TESOL? #eltchat
Marisa_C 2016-04-06T20:12:13 @patjack67 I guess I think of things to do with religion, attitudes to marriage, relationship and sex, god, etc. #eltchat
angelos_bollas 2016-04-06T20:12:39 @SueAnnan True - Same thing happened  at the Irish one. #eltchat
patjack67 2016-04-06T20:13:03 @angelos_bollas Well in the past two projects, explicit teaching of things like Be friendly, Put away your things, Respect people #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-04-06T20:14:02 @patjack67 @angelos_bollas a sens of what is good and bad... #eltchat
patjack67 2016-04-06T20:14:17 @Marisa_C OK, so largely not matters covered by your average primary course! #ELTchat!
ETprofessional 2016-04-06T20:14:18 Teaching morals and values? Ooh, a difficult one! That could end up sounding preachy, or even ethnocentric, could it not? #eltchat - Chia
patjack67 2016-04-06T20:14:53 @Marisa_C honoured to be so well moderated! #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-04-06T20:15:07 @ETprofessional indeed very touchy topic - not really one i thought people would vote on #eltchat
angelos_bollas 2016-04-06T20:15:47 @patjack67 As an adult learner, I wouldn't enjoy being taught about morales through the use of imperatives #eltchat
patjack67 2016-04-06T20:16:35 @Marisa_C @angelos_bollas With YLs the values teaching is usually led by the stories. Not sure about older people - debate? #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-04-06T20:16:50 indeed with Chia 3/2 but I see a reluctance in all of us (westerners maybe?)  #eltchat - is it our job? https://t.co/Ss6HgE5oS6
SueAnnan 2016-04-06T20:17:12 @Marisa_C @ETprofessional someone was driving this topic hard earlier in the week and asking people to vote for it #eltchat
angelos_bollas 2016-04-06T20:17:22 @patjack67 @Marisa_C Storrytelling - helps with so many aspects #eltchat
Marisa_C 2016-04-06T20:17:30 @patjack67 but if you look at PARSNIPS and avoiding them all in there anyway #eltchat
ETprofessional 2016-04-06T20:17:34 @Marisa_C I suppose teaching critical thinking skills could encompass teaching morals and values in a way? #eltchat
angelos_bollas 2016-04-06T20:17:43 @ETprofessional agree! #eltchat
BusinessEUK 2016-04-06T20:18:42 @SueAnnan @Marisa_C And is that someone here tonight?#eltchat
SueAnnan 2016-04-06T20:19:09 @BusinessEUK @Marisa_C of course not! #eltchat
angelos_bollas 2016-04-06T20:19:15 So, should this area be avoided? Should there be some kind of training for the teacher? #eltchat
patjack67 2016-04-06T20:19:24 @ETprofessional For YLs preachy not a problem and as for ethnocentric - well there are basic global values (I think so, anyway) #ELTchat
ETprofessional 2016-04-06T20:19:30 @SueAnnan @Marisa_C Oops sorry that was me as well…tweeted from the wrong account! Yikes! #eltchat - Chia
Marisa_C 2016-04-06T20:19:45 So ppl voted for it but you are not here to discuss it #eltchat great!  https://t.co/ptD8cr6sPV
ELTchat 2016-04-06T20:20:25 #ELTCHAT (OK ME TOO)  https://t.co/YnYdnmlJgL
SueAnnan 2016-04-06T20:21:05 should we knock this topic on the head? #eltchat
ETprofessional 2016-04-06T20:21:08 @patjack67 Like honesty…respect, etc? Funny when I actively think about values, I just think of things one shouldn’t do! #eltchat
angelos_bollas 2016-04-06T20:21:42 @ETprofessional @patjack67 Same here.. Don't do this.. Don't treat others like... funny indeed #eltchat
ETprofessional 2016-04-06T20:22:10 @SueAnnan What a pity…I always manage to miss #eltchat and was so happy I made it today! - Chia
Marisa_C 2016-04-06T20:23:03 We have been convinced theat we must not be political creatures in the classroom - which cannot be done fully of course #eltchat
ETprofessional 2016-04-06T20:23:38 I suppose being strict about respect among classmates in the classroom is part of teaching morals and values, no? #eltchat
teachingright 2016-04-06T20:24:08 RT @patjack67: Teaching values very much part of most courses for young learners now #eltchat (Hi all - just passing by)
patjack67 2016-04-06T20:24:18 @ETprofessional Be helpful, eat healthy, work together etc etc These are things that can be part of our teaching at any age surely #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-04-06T20:24:39 @ETprofessional  we could have a chat about values - I think case studies and problem solving within a role or attitude are useful #eltchat
angelos_bollas 2016-04-06T20:25:00 @Marisa_C How could we not?Ts are humans and learning involves interaction with each other - 1/2 #eltchat
Marisa_C 2016-04-06T20:25:20 @patjack67 @ETprofessional Agree Peace Education includes a lot of values as well doesn't it #eltchat
angelos_bollas 2016-04-06T20:25:36 @Marisa_C Some times I believe that all the 'Do not talk about...' to the Ts were invented by ignorant school owners 2/2 #eltchat
patjack67 2016-04-06T20:25:48 @angelos_bollas @ETprofessional The challenge is to present values in a positive way. The old Strewell Peter (sp?) days are over! #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-04-06T20:26:21 Perhaps reading cases with dilemmas and decisions for adults #eltchat There used to be a wonderful feature in a biz magazine #eltchat
ETprofessional 2016-04-06T20:26:31 @Marisa_C I think like with everything,context is so important. So yes,case studies and problem solving within a role is fantastic. #eltchat
Marisa_C 2016-04-06T20:27:20 I remember some great lessons including deep reading and leading to role simulations #eltchat
Marisa_C 2016-04-06T20:28:13 I mean i remember designing them and teaching business groups #eltchat I suppose I was practising values with them?
SueAnnan 2016-04-06T20:29:06 My BE class were studying ethics today #eltchat
Marisa_C 2016-04-06T20:29:12 I am getting hooked on this topic #eltchat :-D but u have all gone
patjack67 2016-04-06T20:29:36 @ETprofessional Absolutely. With YLs, everything has that wider extension to home/community/world. Modelling positive behaviour. #ELTchat
iatefl_ltsig 2016-04-06T20:30:00 RT @patjack67: @ETprofessional Absolutely. With YLs, everything has that wider extension to home/community/world. Modelling positive behavi…
angelos_bollas 2016-04-06T20:30:16 @patjack67 @ETprofessional So, at the end of the day, all Ting has a value Ting element in it, right? #eltchat
Marisa_C 2016-04-06T20:31:02 @angelos_bollas @patjack67 @ETprofessional I think so u cannot keep it clinically aseptic cos it gets really boring #eltchat
angelos_bollas 2016-04-06T20:32:05 @Marisa_C and mechanical - Is there a need, though, for Ts to become aware of this and make more sensible choices? #eltchat
Marisa_C 2016-04-06T20:32:19 Someone just retweeted this #Eltchat - how relevant is it to us do your think?  https://t.co/Z1uvNdL1qn
teachingright 2016-04-06T20:32:33 A teacher should enhance morals & values in each and every lesson  #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2016-04-06T20:33:27 @teachingright why? and how do you know the teacher's morals are right? #eltchat
patjack67 2016-04-06T20:33:34 @angelos_bollas @ETprofessional Most 'topics' we teach can lead to some sort of values discussion #eltchat e.g shopping/environment/health
Marisa_C 2016-04-06T20:33:55 @teachingright Oh there she is! Hello we were almost ready to leave - what do YOU mean when u say morals and values? #eltchat
teachingright 2016-04-06T20:34:23 Ss should be taught respect, responsibility about ones behavior in class   #ELTchat
angelos_bollas 2016-04-06T20:35:32 @teachingright I think SS should not be taught what to do. SS should be taught to think before they do what they do #eltchat
Marisa_C 2016-04-06T20:35:33 and how do you do that #eltchat
angelos_bollas 2016-04-06T20:37:08 @Marisa_C By being good models ourselves #eltchat
patjack67 2016-04-06T20:37:50 @teachingright For YLs those can be broken down to spec. behaviours like tidiness or with adult Ss say not texting while driving #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-04-06T20:38:43 So role modelling method of instruction? Re What @patjack67 saying tho not always best approach #eltchat https://t.co/TcBuehigWZ
Marisa_C 2016-04-06T20:39:13 Pls use #ELTchat hashtag in all tweets  https://t.co/BYiu5fU3s2
angelos_bollas 2016-04-06T20:39:20 Still, though, don't you feel uncomfortable labelling things as good/bad for students? #eltchat
teachingright 2016-04-06T20:39:46 #ELTchat each lesson should've a theme e.g. If we are teaching them s lesson about 'body parts' we canteach them how to value their health
patjack67 2016-04-06T20:40:08 @angelos_bollas @teachingright What age group are you thinking of? I find primary students are fine with clear values teaching  #ELTchat
angelos_bollas 2016-04-06T20:40:26 @patjack67 @teachingright I mean, I wouldn't like my teacher to say texting while driving is a bad thing to do. #eltchat
racheldaw18 2016-04-06T20:40:33 Hi lovely #ELTchat people - was just catching up, but a tricky topic! Not sure I have much to add I'm afraid but wanted to say hello :)
Marisa_C 2016-04-06T20:40:52 @patjack67 @angelos_bollas @teachingright I think so too - but adult learners already own values and principles - #eltchat
angelos_bollas 2016-04-06T20:40:54 @racheldaw18 Hello to you too :) #eltchat
patjack67 2016-04-06T20:41:17 @angelos_bollas  I feel very comfortable with modelling good and showing the effects of bad - e.g. turtle caught up in plastic #ELTchat
SueAnnan 2016-04-06T20:41:19 @racheldaw18 Hi Rachel. How's the new job? #eltchat
Marisa_C 2016-04-06T20:41:22 @racheldaw18 no worries - we didn't think we had much to add either #eltchat
Marisa_C 2016-04-06T20:42:04 That's a horrid image to conjure up but see what you mean :-) #eltchat https://t.co/LWYtOp0MQz
patjack67 2016-04-06T20:42:17 @angelos_bollas No but it would make for an interesting class to look at car crash statistics or discuss the implications #ELTchat
angelos_bollas 2016-04-06T20:42:40 @patjack67 Modelling and showing are truly useful - agree. It is telling/preaching that I disagree with #ELTchat
CenterStreet86 2016-04-06T20:43:34 RT @Marisa_C: We have been convinced theat we must not be political creatures in the classroom - which cannot be done fully of course #eltc…
patjack67 2016-04-06T20:44:00 @angelos_bollas Sure, the tone is important. Nobody likes being preached at. That's why fables are so great #ELTchat
languageeteach 2016-04-06T20:44:13 ESOL in UK: have to promote values of democracy, rule of law, individual liberty and respect/tolerance of other faiths/religions #ELTchat
angelos_bollas 2016-04-06T20:44:19 @patjack67 Fully agree! :) #eltchat
Marisa_C 2016-04-06T20:44:38 and u are also doing math at the same time #eltchat  https://t.co/t5JZZO3WcS
SueAnnan 2016-04-06T20:45:02 RT @languageeteach: ESOL in UK: have to promote values of democracy, rule of law, individual liberty and respect/tolerance of other faiths/…
patjack67 2016-04-06T20:45:20 @teachingright @angelos_bollas Yes and I guess as you go up the ages 'teaching values' becomes 'considering issues' #ELTchat
angelos_bollas 2016-04-06T20:45:28 @languageeteach But ESOL in UK is also about preparing SS to become proper (sic) UK citizens, no? #eltchat
Marisa_C 2016-04-06T20:45:32 Those are values I would be happy to promote - it's the implication of religious morals which bothers me #eltchat  https://t.co/aDbVA1qQmT
teachingright 2016-04-06T20:45:40 RT @patjack67: @teachingright @angelos_bollas Yes and I guess as you go up the ages 'teaching values' becomes 'considering issues' #ELTchat
teachingright 2016-04-06T20:46:49 RT @languageeteach: ESOL in UK: have to promote values of democracy, rule of law, individual liberty and respect/tolerance of other faiths/…
ETprofessional 2016-04-06T20:47:17 Turtles in plastic and car crashes? Wow…I go away for a bit and it gets all sensational and exciting! #eltchat
angelos_bollas 2016-04-06T20:47:40 @ETprofessional That's the beauty of it ;) lol #eltchat
ETprofessional 2016-04-06T20:47:42 @Marisa_C Yes, i agree. Sensitive one. #eltchat
Marisa_C 2016-04-06T20:48:21 Stories seem to be useful - doesn't e-safety and digital citizenship fall into this ? #eltchat
angelos_bollas 2016-04-06T20:48:33 @patjack67 @teachingright True - that's how most CBs would label it :) #eltchat
languageeteach 2016-04-06T20:48:55 @angelos_bollas Indeed: part of preparing them for this apparently. Big thing. Attend workshops all the time but none the wiser! #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-04-06T20:49:01 Plagiarism, and copyright and cheating in exams #eltchat
angelos_bollas 2016-04-06T20:49:34 Fully agree - SS (and us) need to learn how to exist/act/behave/etc. online #eltchat  https://t.co/YOmNpCxSFC
patjack67 2016-04-06T20:49:44 @ETprofessional Yeah - this turtle was driving down the road and texting her friend the octopus when...#ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-04-06T20:50:02 @patjack67 @ETprofessional a ha ha #eltchat
angelos_bollas 2016-04-06T20:50:35 @patjack67 @ETprofessional Actually, that's a great prompt actually for a storytelling/writing lesson #ELTchat
patjack67 2016-04-06T20:51:37 @angelos_bollas @teachingright For a good reason I think. (Sorry, I spend all my days immersed in CBs!) #ELTchat
ChrisPatrickF 2016-04-06T20:52:32 RT @JoshSRound: Getting Teacher Recruitment Right https://t.co/dvq15Fb9YK #lamsig #eukmgt16 #eltchat #iatefl
patjack67 2016-04-06T20:53:56 @angelos_bollas @ETprofessional She wanted to borrow a few squid #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-04-06T20:55:06 @angelos_bollas @SueAnnan   Don't mind whatever you decide - shd we announce that there will be an informal #eltchat from #IATEFL next week
angelos_bollas 2016-04-06T20:55:28 @GlenysHanson Hi Glenys - I am also concerned about this, tbh. Yet, I think that we should teach a little bit of that too #eltchat
patjack67 2016-04-06T20:55:32 So do some people think we should avoid values completely? #ELTchat?
GlenysHanson 2016-04-06T20:55:35 @angelos_bollas "SS (and us) need to learn how to exist/act/behave/etc. online" but is it rôle of English T to teach them that. #ELTchat
Marisa_C 2016-04-06T20:56:45 #ELTchat - this is what ELT teachers would not do do in the western world  https://t.co/bq3SKYtO8n
GlenysHanson 2016-04-06T20:57:04 @angelos_bollas English teachers may perform other rôles than E teacher - but it should be clear that it's a different rôle. #ELTchat
angelos_bollas 2016-04-06T20:57:06 @patjack67 There are schools that tell Ts not to talk about 'sensitive' issues at all #ELTchat - sad
teachingright 2016-04-06T20:57:09 @Marisa_C @languageeteach a tr can teach Ss religious morals by giving example from theirHoly Book'like prophets as role models #eltchat
angelos_bollas 2016-04-06T20:57:44 @GlenysHanson What if we talk about online or blended courses, though? #eltchat
SueAnnan 2016-04-06T20:57:59 @teachingright @Marisa_C @languageeteach NO! It is not our role #ELTchat I would feel seriously uncomfortable about this #eltchat
Marisa_C 2016-04-06T20:58:05 @teachingright I am sorry but I am not sure #eltchat ppl really want to talk religion
patjack67 2016-04-06T20:58:41 #ELTchat Bye all - tsk I was heading up for a bath an hour ago!!!
angelos_bollas 2016-04-06T20:58:41 @Marisa_C @teachingright Definitely a NO NO for me! #eltchat
Marisa_C 2016-04-06T20:58:52 In any case this #eltchat must end before it gets into deep waters - next week we are at #IATEFL good folks
teachingright 2016-04-06T20:58:56 I need to know other strategies a teacher can use in/ out class to enhance morals  #eltchat
languageeteach 2016-04-06T20:59:17 @teachingright @Marisa_C Isn't it more about being tolerant of other religions? #ELTchat
GlenysHanson 2016-04-06T20:59:19 @patjack67 If Ss want to talk about values (or poetry, or pushpin) it's their right to decide, not the teacher's. #eltchat
angelos_bollas 2016-04-06T20:59:40 @teachingright I think you can google it and you'll find some relevant reading you can do after #eltchat
Marisa_C 2016-04-06T21:00:03 #ELTchat indeed!  fully agree  https://t.co/q8NpVB54C4
SueAnnan 2016-04-06T21:00:23 Thanks for the few brave souls who made it tonight. See some of you next week at IATEFL. WE might manage an informal #ELTChat from there.
ETprofessional 2016-04-06T21:00:42 @patjack67 And the moral of this story is…don’t text octopuses? Or is it octopi? #eltchat
angelos_bollas 2016-04-06T21:01:02 @GlenysHanson @patjack67 Sure - Yet, Ts' role to manage the classroom environment, too. Some feel uncomfortable, some not #eltchat
chiasuan 2016-04-06T21:01:14 @patjack67 @angelos_bollas Too funny! #eltchat
ETprofessional 2016-04-06T21:01:14 @patjack67 @angelos_bollas Too funny! #eltchat
angelos_bollas 2016-04-06T21:02:29 I think it's time to say goodnight at this point. #ELTchat - Stay tuned for an announcement re next week's chat.
Marisa_C 2016-04-06T21:02:31 @angelos_bollas   In any case we were here on time!!! #eltchat


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